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Amy Leiper, 8th June 2022

From the Embers 2: Phoenix revisits Lobethal to see how the community has fared following the Cudlee Creek fire which destroyed 85 homes and as rebuilding started, the pandemic hit.

A photo of members of the Roundtable

Frieda Lee, 7th June 2022

The Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable met at the end of last month. It is the first time the Roundtable has met in person since 2019.

Amy Leiper, 6th June 2022

This episode of From the Embers 2: Phoenix revisits Kangaroo Island to see how the community and wildlife have fared since the fires, rain and COVID pandemic.

Amy Leiper, 6th June 2022

From the Embers returns for a second season, returning to some of the areas hit the hardest by the 2019-2020 bushfires and visits new communities who were hit hard by severe flooding and long COVID lockdowns.

CBAA's Holly FL and Jon Bisset stand with then Shadow Minister Michelle Rowland in CBAA offices

hfriedlander, 2nd June 2022

Having worked closely with her in her role as Shadow Minister, she has a deep understanding of community broadcasting and its role in the broader media landscape.

Amy Leiper, 1st June 2022

Helen Meyer, Executive Producer of Service Voices - service to country, service to community, has won the HCSA's Oral History Excellence Award. For the first time, this award has been included in the History Council of South Australia (HCSA) Historian Awards. It recognises the best oral history presentation, in any format, that uses first person interviews with individuals encompassing unique life experiences and memories.

Amy Leiper, 1st June 2022

With Reconciliation Week this week, we are pleased to announce a new program available on CRN on Monday nights called Let's Talk. As one of the longest running indigenous radio programs having run for nearly 20 years, Let's Talk showcases incredible content for our sector.

Danny Chifley, 1st June 2022

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia is pleased to welcome you to the June 2022 content of our national suicide prevention and mental health awareness project, developed with the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Diversifying Income Steams At Your Station - image button

Danny Chifley, 31st May 2022

Maintaining financial viability outside of our traditional streams. 

Danny Chifley, 31st May 2022

Helping your station build the strongest possible grants writing practices to help you achieve your mission.

Amy Leiper, 27th May 2022

Frist Sounds Vol8 pre releases Reconciliation single for Reconciliation Week.

Amy Leiper, 26th May 2022

In it's latest round of Linkage projects, the Australian Research Council has awarded $218,000 for a three-year study of Australian community radio's contribution to the Australian music and creative industries.

hfriedlander, 25th May 2022

You've got your website, your socials, your email marketing - but we're here to make it easy for you! Look inside for tips on how to promote Community Radio Plus online.

Amy Leiper, 24th May 2022

From the Embers goes to Lismore, a NSW town that experienced severe flooding in February 2022. On February 27 2022, water inundated the town, sweeping away cars, stranding residents on rooftops and filling houses with inches of mud. In the weeks that followed volunteer hubs sprang up to feed and clothe locals forced to shelter in tents and cars as they struggle to recover with minimal support and start to clean out and rebuild their homes in the trees. 

Amy Leiper, 24th May 2022

From the Embers revisits Mallacoota to see how the coastal town in Victoria that was hit by a massive fire two years ago has been recovering. 

Amy Leiper, 20th May 2022

As the federal election is hours away, we wanted to introduce you to Emily Minney, a former NRN Cadet and one of our political correspondents covering CRN's Live 2022 Federal Election for community radio. 

Amy Leiper, 20th May 2022

As part of National Volunteer Week, today CBAA is celebrating Darryn Capes-Davis.

Amy Leiper, 19th May 2022

As part of National Volunteer Week, CBAA celebrates Fiona Bartholomaeus from RTRFM.

Frieda Lee, 18th May 2022

Labor's win secures $12m promise for community radio.

A quote from the article and a photo of Barnaby Joyce and David Gillespie sitting at the studio desk with Sta FM workers standing beside them

Frieda Lee, 18th May 2022

Barnaby Joyce has expressed his ongoing support for commity radio on air at Sta FM in Inverell