The CBAA represents the interests of the community broadcasting sector and sits on several industry planning groups/committees, partners across industries in joint advocacy work and in some instances, appoints a Director to the Board of a partner organisation.

The following are some examples of industry representation by the CBAA and its officers.

Australia’s Right to Know (ARTK) coalition 

The CBAA is a member of the ARTK, a coalition of nearly 20 Australian media outlets and organisations. The coalition addresses policy and legislative issues of industry-wide concern, most recently relating to issues regarding journalist protections and media freedom in a 2019 campaign.

The CBAA Head of Advocacy and Communications is the primary liaison with ARTK.

Charities Crisis Cabinet

The CBAA CEO, Jon Bisset is a member of the National Charities cabinet.

The Charities Cabinet was formed in 2020, initially as a leadership group for the Charities Sector as the impacts of COVID19 were navigated. The Cabinet is co-Chaired by Rev Tim Costello AO and Susan Pascoe AM and draws on the leadership and experience of 21 leaders from across the breadth of the 57,000 strong charities sector. It seeks to enable charities to support their communities through the Covid-19 pandemic, especially those most vulnerable to increased harm, and ensure as many charities as possible can effectively contribute to building flourishing communities after the crisis. The Charities Crisis Cabinet draws on the experience, knowledge and networks of leaders from across the diversity of the charities sector to highlight issues and consider responses.

Community Council for Australia (CCA)

The CBAA is a member of the Community Council for Australia (CCA) - an independent, non-political member based organisation dedicated to building flourishing communities by enhancing the extraordinary work undertaken by the charities and not-for-profit sector in Australia.

As a member, the CBAA inputs into the CCA's work in order to promote the values of the sector, and influence and shape relevant policy agendas and promote the need for reform.

Community Media Training Organisation

The Community Media Training Organisation is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 91800), delivering accredited and pathways training to community broadcasters around Australia.

As per the Constitution of the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO), the CBAA nominates a Director to sit on the CMTO's Board.

The current CBAA nominee is Natalie Pozdeev. Natalie is a media and education professional who is currently Program Convenor – Graduate Diploma Radio & Podcasting
at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), a former Head of Radio at AFTRS and was a CBAA Director for eight years.

Spots and Space

CBAA is a part owner of Spots & Space which offers sponsors/advertisers and their agencies access to more than 600 quality, independent media outlets.

The CBAA CEO is a Non-Executive Director of Spots & Space.

In addition to these groups the CBAA is represented on the following:
  • TAFE NSW Industry Skills Reference Group for Screen and Media (Jon Bisset)
  • Project Working Group - Diploma of Screen and Media (Jon Bisset)
  • Our Watch Media Advisory Group
  • The ACMA's Regional Digital Radio Planning Committee (David Sice)
  • The ACMA Digital Planning Technical Sub Committee (David Sice)
  • The ACMA's Spectrum Tune Ups (David Sice)
  • Standards Australia Committee CT-002, Broadcasting and Related Services (David Sice)
  • International Telecommunications Union (David Sice)
  • Australian Radiocommunications Study Group 6 (David Sice)
  • Communications Alliance, Broadcast Cabling and Digital Equipment (David Sice)
  • Digital Technical Advisory Committee (David Sice)