The CBAA carries out independent and commissioned research, and partners with researchers, as a service to the community broadcasting sector.

Examples of our research projects include:

Community Radio Listener Survey

The Community Radio Listener Survey is an important tool for community radio stations because it helps them define who their listeners are and what their listening habits are so they can better identify sponsors. It is conducted twice a year through a hybrid telephone and online survey of 16,000 Australians over the age of 15 across all Australian states and territories. The survey is conducted on behalf of the CBAA by McNair yellowSquares, an accredited Australian market and social research organsiation with a long history of media research dating back to the first radio audience surveys held in the 1930s. 

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Research with stations

The CBAA commissions regular research into the activities of stations in the Australian community broadcasting sector.  

Station research provides detailed, aggregated information on key aspects of the community broadcasting sector including details on programming, program sources, finances, staffing, volunteers, subscribers, sponsorship, training and technology. The way we collect data is being redesigned in 2021-22.

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Community Uses of Co-Creative Media

The CBAA is an Industry Partner in this national research project, Digital storytelling and co-creative media: the role of community arts and media in propagating and coordinating population-wide creative practice, which brings together a team of expert researchers and leading agencies in community arts, community media and Indigenous media, to explore how these sectors are responding to the challenge of participatory digital media and user-led innovation. In particular, the project focuses on uses of Digital Storytelling production techniques and other emerging co-creative methods of media production.

The report to Industry Partners is available here.

Community Media Matters report

The Community Media Matters report, published in 2007, presents the results of the first national qualitative research study into Australian community broadcasting audiences. It explores why a significant and increasing number of Australians listen to community radio and/or watch community television, what they value about it, and how it meets their needs. 

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