Sector Leadership


The CBAA works to build a healthy environment in which community broadcasting can thrive by nurturing a supportive political environment, influencing public policy through leadership and research, and developing and maintaining internal and external sector relationships and networks. In particular, the CBAA proactively works with influential political stakeholders to strengthen knowledge, understanding and support of community broadcasting sector policies and programs.

The CBAA has extensive expertise in broadcasting issues. This stems from the experience and knowledge of our policy team, our policy committees, sector research, forums, professional networks and our members.

In addition to our policy team, we harness further expertise through ad hoc national policy committees that provide expert advice on emerging issues, such as, for example, the next steps required to secure community broadcasting’s place in any digital radio rollout. These ad hoc policy committees are established by the CBAA Board as required. Ongoing expertise and advice will is also provided through the Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable. Bringing together a range of experts, the Roundtable and policy committees provides us with forums for “stress testing” and refining policy positions, identifying key issues and developing guidance on a range of community broadcasting matters.

These consultative mechanisms, internal expertise, research and consultation with members are used to set the CBAA's policy priorities.

Latest Sector Leadership News
Social Drinks

Helen Henry, 26th July 2018

Will you be in Sydney on 20 August? We'd love to see you at the Potts Point Hotel.

CBAA logo

Helen Henry, 27th October 2017

The CBAA supports community radio and its role in contributing to and reflecting an Australia that is an open society, strong democracy and vibrant culture, where all groups – including  LGBTQIA+ communities - have an equal voice and equal rights.  

Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield

Helen Henry, 15th September 2017

As part of negotiations to pass the Government's proposed media reforms in the Senate yesterday, additional support will be provided to the community broadcasting sector.

Keep Community Radio

Helen Henry, 26th June 2017

On 22 June 2017, a motion was passed in the Senate supporting community radio’s important role in providing a platform for diverse voices in an increasingly consolidated media landscape.

Sector Roundtable

Helen Henry, 22nd March 2017

The Community Broadcasting Sector Roundtable met for two days earlier this month.

Nick Xenophon accepting Keep The Community In Your Radio petition

Helen Henry, 29th June 2016

Senator Nick Xenophon has called on the Prime Minister to save the network of community radio stations and community TV stations that are facing closure after federal budget cuts and the removal of the broadcasting spectrum.

Greens announcement

Helen Henry, 3rd June 2016

The CBAA welcomes the Australian Greens’ commitment to a digital future for community radio.

Keep Community Radio

Helen Henry, 2nd June 2016

The CBAA has welcomed the Labor Party’s commitment to reinstating funding for digital community radio if elected.

Jon Bisset

Jon Bisset, 20th April 2016

Commercial media ownership legislation is currently before a Senate Committee for review and, at the end of April, the CBAA will present to the committee on the importance of community radio should proposed changes go ahead.

Jon Bisset

Helen Henry, 24th February 2016

The CBAA could not do the work it does to build stations’ capability and create a healthy community broadcasting environment without one essential ingredient - listening to the needs of Australian community radio stations.