Get Content via the Community Radio Network


Would you like help boosting the volume and diversity of programming on your station? Need to sustain your station’s programming overnight? Or something to fall back on when a presenter can’t make it?

Through the CBAA’s Community Radio Network, you can access a selection of the best news, talk, music and entertainment programs for your community radio station - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can tap into over 100 programs, including:

  • Special broadcasts covering major cultural and festival events
  • Informative talks programs
  • Good Morning Country, a country music breakfast show
  • Weekly current affairs including The Wire
  • Specialist music programs
  • Topical short inserts
  • The National Radio News service (additional subscription needed) 

As a Community Radio Network subscriber, you choose exactly what you’d like to use and when, allowing you to augment your own local content with specific programs of national relevance, build upon your programming with short inserts, or use the service as a fall back when presenters can’t make it or you need something to broadcast overnight. 

The Community Radio Network service is always there for your station, offering stable, cost-effective broadcast quality audio, accessible via either the Digital Delivery Network (DDN) or live satellite audio feed, able to be broadcast live or captured for later replay. 

Who uses the Community Radio Network?

Currently over 150 independent radio stations take content from the Community Radio Network.

Where do the programs come from?

Coast to coast, and city to bush, over 50 stations currently contribute content to Community Radio Network.


What other services are available via satellite?

As well as distributing content from the CBAA’s Community Radio Network, the CBAA’s satellite Content Distribution Hub broadcasts content from RPH Australia (RPHA, the peak body of the Australian Radio Reading Network) service, the BBC World Service and Hope Media’s Inspire Digital Radio. Find out more about accessing this service. 


Joshua Cole, 29th March 2023

In 1993 Paul Keating won the ‘unwinnable election', Sydney won the bid to host the 2000 Olympic games, and community radio won the space race. 

Amy Leiper, 8th April 2022

CBAA’s Political Reporter Amanda Copp will be filing stories not only from National Radio News' Press Gallery studios in Parliament House, but she will be on the road with the major parties where she'll be busy working on the lead-up to the Federal Election

cbaacomms, 16th June 2021

Andrew Leigh created The Good Life because he wanted the chance to stop, sit down with someone and just chat about what drives them, inspires them, interests them and why. For five years, Andrew and guests have been covering issues such as friendship, mental health, success, finding identity and how to accept it. He has chatted with experts in their field, ranging from one of the biggest living names in philosophy Alain de Botton, to Bruce Pascoe, author of award-winning ‘Dark Emu’. He has spoken with athletes like Craig Foster, and former Prime Ministers Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull. He has talked to community builders like Astrid Jorgensen, founder of pub choir and scientists Alan Finkel and Michelle Simmons. We asked him a couple of questions about the show, check out his answers. 

NFDS square logo - 2021

amclellan, 11th March 2021

The 2021 series is open for applications through April.

amclellan, 3rd February 2021

New to the Community Radio Network, host Paul Laverty chats reading, books, authors and radio.

That's What I Call Science

amclellan, 9th December 2020

We chat with the CBAA Award winning science program that started on the Community Radio Network in 2020.

Jam Pakt Logo

Danny Chifley, 24th August 2020

A Jam Pakt Conversation with Jonzy

amclellan, 9th July 2020

We chat to Michael Kerr from Small Business Banter on the Community Radio Network

Victorian Seniors Festival Community Radio Network

amclellan, 1st July 2020

Victorian Seniors Festival content available to stations from July to October 2020

amclellan, 1st June 2020

Meet the producers, mentors and selection panel for NFDS 2020.

Think Stories and Ideas

Sharmaine Spencer, 30th April 2020

A new part of the award winning 'Think' series from 2SER is coming to the Community Radio Network. 

Afro Turn Up

amclellan, 28th April 2020

The Community Radio Network catches up with host and producer Kix.

Gaven Livermore JP, Broadcaster/Senior Technician, 2AAA, Wagga

Katrina Hughes, 18th March 2020

The CBAA, through the Community Radio Network (CRN), is pleased to make available the full selection of CRN programming via FTP for stations adversely affected by COVID-19.

Katrina Hughes, 2nd March 2020

Hosted entirely by people aged between 9-16 years old, Primary Perspectives has been created specifically to provide an opportunity for young people to share meaningful dialogue about local/global community issues they care about.

Recorded Live logo

Sharmaine Spencer, 30th January 2020

In very exciting news the CRN program Recorded Live is set to celebrate its 400th show in early March. Recorded Live is a ‘bite size’ 14 to 18 min live music show, with the focus on live Australian music from the last 4 decades.

Checkpoint - Logo

Sharmaine Spencer, 28th January 2020

CBAA 2019 Community Radio Awards winner for Excellence in Innovative Programming and Content, Checkpoint, is joining the CRN in 2020! 
Siobhán Moran-McFarlane

Sharmaine Spencer, 21st January 2020

Two time CBAA Community Radio Awards finalist and the winner of the 2018 award for Excellence in News & Current Affairs programming, Another World, is joining the CRN in 2020! 

amclellan, 31st December 2019

A Q&A with host Peter Lehner, who has been behind the program for almost 6 years now. A national version of the program is available through the Community Radio Network.

Deadly Beats

amclellan, 30th December 2019

Approaching four years on air, each week Deadly Beats brings listeners the freshest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip-hop and more.

Hitsville USA - Motown Headquarters

Sharmaine Spencer, 11th December 2019

Look back at one of the most iconic times in music history over 8 parts.

From the Embers podcast

Listen to the new podcast series, From the Embers, a moving nine part series taking listeners to the very heart of nine communities affected by the recent bushfire crisis. Produced by the CBAA with the generous support of the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas and the Paul Ramsay Foundation.