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Would you like help boosting the volume and diversity of programming on your station? Need to sustain your station’s programming overnight? Or something to fall back on when a presenter can’t make it?

Through the CBAA’s Community Radio Network (CRN), you can access a selection of the best news, talk, music and entertainment programs for your community radio station - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can tap into over 100 programs, including:

  • Special broadcasts covering major cultural and festival events
  • Informative talks programs
  • Good Morning Country, a country music breakfast show
  • Weekly current affairs including The Wire
  • Specialist music programs
  • Topical short inserts
  • The National Radio News service (additional subscription needed) 

As a CRN subscriber, you choose exactly what you’d like to use and when, allowing you to augmenting your own local content with specific programs of national relevance, build upon your programming with short inserts, or use the service as a fall-back when presenters can’t make it or you need something to broadcast overnight. 

The CRN service is always there for your station, offering stable, cost-effective broadcast quality audio, accessible via either the Digital Delivery Network (DDN) or live satellite audio feed, able to be broadcast live or captured for later replay. 

Who uses CRN?

Currently over 150 independent radio stations take content from CRN.

Where do the programs come from?

Coast to coast, and city to bush, over 50 stations currently contribute content to CRN.


Other Satellite Services

As well as distributing content from the CBAA’s Community Radio Network (CRN), the CBAA’s satellite Content Distribution Hub broadcasts content from the Radio for the Print Handicapped Australia (RPHA) service, the BBC World Service and Hope Media’s Inspire Digital Radio. Find out more about accessing this service. 


Ms. Hannah Murray, 1st May 2019

A 10-part series of strong voices from Pacific islands and the Torres Strait fighting for climate justice and survival.

Andrew McLellan, 5th March 2019

Preliminary rollout of the new generation of CBAA’s Digital Delivery Network (DDN) is now underway to Community Radio Network subscriber stations.

Baker Boy 4ZZZ 4EB

Andrew McLellan, 17th December 2018

Daily broadcasts at tail of 2018 on community stations around Australia.

Carols by Candlelight Community Radio

Andrew McLellan, 4th December 2018

Vision Australia Audio Described Carol’s By Candlelight Broadcast

Community Radio Network It's Time

Andrew McLellan, 29th November 2018

Barry McKay and William Brougham from It's Time present the all-Australian Baby Boomers special

International Day of People with Disability

Andrew McLellan, 20th November 2018

The Community Radio Network is excited to bring stations and listeners an engaging lineup for International Day of People with Disability 2018.

National Features and Documentary Series

Nic Baskerville, 13th November 2018

Katharina has taken home the 2018 CBAA Community Radio Award in the National Features and Documentary Series category for her radio documentary The Runners’ Guide.

National Features and Documentary Series

Andrew McLellan, 7th November 2018

At the 2018 CBAA Community Radio Awards

Jon Bisset

Jon Bisset, 31st October 2018

First and foremost, it is an exciting time to be in community radio, not least due to record breaking national listening audience of 5.7 million listeners per week.

Martin Walters, 19th October 2018

The CBAA was saddened this week to hear of the passing of Max Thorburn, the founder of Mildura community radio station Hot FM, due to illness.

Through the Community Radio Network

Andrew McLellan, 17th October 2018

Live and prerecorded content available through the Community Radio Network

Danny Chifley, 17th October 2018

It is with great sadness that the CBAA acknowledge the passing of broadcaster Deirdre Cobbin (known on air as Ruby Vincent) on the evening of Sunday 14 October 2018. 

National Features and Documentary Series

Andrew McLellan, 15th October 2018

3ZZZ's Aguer Athian hears from the often voiceless South Sudanese youth. 

Andrew McLellan, 6th October 2018

Eastside FM's Mick Paddon and Humayun Reza discuss finding voice in a place of refuge.

National Features and Documentary Series

Andrew McLellan, 3rd October 2018

Meredith Gilmore of Coast FM 963 sits down with family members caring for people living with mental health difficulties. 

National Features and Documentary Series

Andrew McLellan, 2nd October 2018

Organic farmer Barry Green of Donnybrook Community Radio speaks with Australians concerned about the future of food and the New Food Movement.

National Features and Documentary Series

Andrew McLellan, 2nd October 2018

Radio Adelaide's Mahendra Chitrarasu tells the story of his grandmother’s migration to Australia.

National Features and Documentary Series

Andrew McLellan, 26th September 2018

Tie up your laces and join 4EB's Katharina Loesche as she meets a couple of joggers.

At The Coal Face - NFDS 2018

Andrew McLellan, 26th September 2018

4ZZZ's Nikola Van de Wetering returns to her hometown to dig-up the controversy sitting close to the surface.

Community Radio Network logo

Martin Walters, 26th September 2018

Does your station have an expert blues presenter or team whose show could make a splash with a national audience? CRN is looking for new blues programs to broadcast and distribute nationally.

CRN logo

CRN Segments Series

Flex your creative thinking, develop production skills, and share radio content on a national platform.