Showcasing Australian music to your local community 

AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) is a CBAA initiative distributing and promoting new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide.   

“AMRAP is a great contributor to Australian music culture. It will always teach me about new artists that I may not have encountered yet.”  Firas Massouh, Music Director PBS FM

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Why does your station need it?

Access new music: Get instant access to a vast library of new and diverse Australian music, spanning genres and styles, on a seamless user-friendly platform 

Meet licensing requirements: AMRAP helps meet your Codes of Practice requirements for playing a percentage of Australian music 

Increase listener engagement: Keep your audience engaged by regularly updating your playlists with fresh Australian music. 

What are the benefits?

Enhanced music library: Enrich your station’s music library with new Australian music – something for every listener 

Programming opportunities: Curate an exciting blend of Australian music, tailored to your audiences  

Simplify your workflow: Meet all your Australian music programming needs in the one place. 

Unique features

Playlist function: Create a personal selection of the latest Australian music, based on your preferences 

AMRAP-only initiatives: AMRAP and CBAA regularly develop exciting projects available only to AMRAP account holders, designed to connect community radio with Australian music. For example, ‘First Sounds’ - a compilation series of new and emerging First Nations music produced and distributed to stations 

Exclusive programming: AMRAP produces two weekly radio programs dedicated to Australian music through the Community Radio Network

Precise searching: Crucial for modern programming, you can easily filter music by location, identity and genre. 

What about the cost?

Amrap is a free service. Sign up today at to access new Australian music for your programming in just ten minutes.


Why should radio stations and broadcasters use AMRAP? 
AMRAP is a unique, vast and expansive resource for all broadcasters to access new Australian music. It simplifies the acquisition of new and diverse Australian music, allowing broadcasters to easily update their libraries with fresh music, helping to maintain high audience engagement levels. It also assists your station to meet its Australian airplay quotas and gives your program a real edge by showcasing new and different music. 

What kinds of music does AMRAP distribute? 
AMRAP distributes a diverse range of new Australian music from signed and unsigned artists, major and independent labels, spanning various genres and styles. 

Is it legal to play music from AMRAP?

It is 100% legal to download music from Amrap with limitless airplay. This stands apart from streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube, where it is not legal to play music on air. 

Can AMRAP guarantee airplay for the distributed music? 
No, airplay is not guaranteed, but artists can use our search filters to find broadcasters interested in their music and contact them directly via our website. 

Can broadcasters preview the tracks before ordering? 
Yes, account holders can preview music and download the chosen tracks for immediate airplay. 

How often is new music added to AMRAP’s collection? 
New music is added every day so stations have regular access to the latest Australian music across all genres. 

How does AMRAP benefit artists?  
AMRAP offers musicians unmatched exposure by distributing and promoting their music to community radio stations nationwide. It enables seamless, broad access to airplay, offers promotional help through on-air and online platforms, and fosters connections between artists and over 300 stations across Australia. 

How can broadcasters sign up? 
Stations can sign up for a free broadcasting account by visiting