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Special Broadcasts

Throughout the year CRN brings stations a variety of live broadcasts including the Tamworth and Mildura Country Music Festivals, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, International Women's Day content, Federal Budget coverage and much more.

About Extras

Extras 1 and Extras 2 are two program slots in the regular CRN Program Guide.

Extras 1 broadcasts between 13:04 - 14:00 EST/EDT; Extras 2 between 14:04 - 15:00 EST/EDT Wednesdays. Extras feature a variety of programs that change week to week. See below for details on the latest Extras programming.

If you missed this content in its broadcast week, contact [email protected] for a file download.

Some Recent Extras

Vinyl Vibes

Vinyl Vibes is a new music show created by Jack Hodgins. It features in-depth interviews with those who were a part of the vinyl era of music. If you are rocker, a groover or somewhere in between then this show is for you.




Liquid Homelands                                                                                                                                                    

Liquid Homelands by Race Matters (FBi Radio, Gadigal Country), is a queer, experimental radio project that traces eight unique sonic worlds from different creators
across this continent and beyond. ⁠

Stemming from a desire to put forward something exploring the realms of queerness and audio in poetic and unexpected ways, calling into question the heteronormativity of
anti-racist, nationalist and anti-colonial organising; and the whiteness of queer spaces. ⁠

Liquid Homelands conjures the ineffable nature of queerness, of diaspora and lineage, and the idea of a ‘home:’ acknowledging that these are deeply potent and affective
experiences. it’s a play on the idea of representation politics being about ‘visibility’ and ‘embodiment’ - and proposes that, like liquid, queer bodies of culture have always been
here, ever-present and neede

Great Cooks of The Desert                                                                                                                                   

Great Cooks of the Desert is a five part radio and podcast series that explores the lives of five exemplary home cooks who call the desert home. 

The series looks at the challenges and joys of contemporary life in the desert, from the impact of imported grasses on traditional hunting grounds to the risky reliance on transport networks in supplying fresh produce. 

It also looks at the everyday reality of living thousands of kilometres from family, friends and the nearest captial city - and in a place of extreme contradictions.                                                                                                           

Pride Across The Ages                                                                                                                                           

Capturing intimate, heartfelt generational stories of Pride of LGBTQIA+ community in regional central Victoria. 

A powerful podcast series presents engaging stories that strikes to the heart of what it means to live as someone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ in regional Australia. 

Each episode presents in-depth stories, representing people of different ages and backgrounds. The stories make for engaging listening with the power to move and inspire. 

Pride Across The Ages was produced by 94.9 MainFM's Sherene Clow and Amalie O'Hara on Jaara Country.                                                                     




The Best of WOMADelaide 2024 

On 9 March Three D Radio shared their exciting on-site broadcast live from WOMADelaide with the Community Radio Network, giving us an all access pass to the international festival via the airwaves!

Listen back to this two part special that pulls back the curtain on the best of the WOMADelaide experience with music, atmosphere and artist interviews. 


The Intersection                                                                                                                                                     

The Intersection is the show where music and history collide. It’s an audio journey into events that shaped society, and the role that music, musicians, promoters and audiences played within it. You’ll discover music from different eras and hear it in ways you’ve never quite heard it before. 

The Intersection was produced by Rob Marjenberg and presented by Michael Fisher. 






For information on our past extras and special broadcasts, be sure to email [email protected]
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