Distribute Your Music for Airplay


Community radio is renowned for its support of Australian artists and their music, and is a great platform to get your music out onto the airwaves and heard by potential new fans. 

Radio airplay can help you promote your future releases and tours, and can support other activities such as festival and grant applications.

The CBAA’s Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) offers free or low-cost services that distribute new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide. 

Distributing tracks using Amrap

Amrap is community radio’s Australian music distribution service, created to suit the needs of broadcasters and the music industry for the benefit of Australian music. Eligible musicians, record labels and representatives can get free accounts to add tracks to www.amrap.org.au

Stations Managers, Music Directors and radio program makers can then preview and order tracks for airplay and their station's library.  You then get reports listing stations and programs that have ordered your music.

Distributing EPs and albums using Amrap’s CD Mailout

For a small fee your 'radio-ready’ CD Album or EPs can be distributed to community radio stations nationwide via Amrap’s Monthly CD Mailout.

Based on the genre information you give Amrap will send your CD to stations that are likely to play it. 

Amrap can’t guarantee your release will be aired, but can help get it into the right hands. This targeted distribution removes some of the guesswork from your promotions to community radio stations.

You’ll receive a list of stations (with full contact details) that were provided with your CD.

Mailouts occur once a month and fill quickly so book ahead!

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