Get Data About Community Radio Stations and Listeners


Wondering just how Australia's largest independent media sector operates? Who makes community radio? Who listens? And why they tune in?

National Listener Survey

The National Listener Survey is a survey of the community radio listening habits of Australians though a hybrid telephone and online survey of a representative sample of 15,000 Australians over the age of 15, across all Australian states and territories.

It is conducted on behalf of the CBAA by McNair Ingenuity Research, an accredited Australian market and social research organisation with a long history of media research dating back to the first radio audience surveys held in the 1930s.  

The surveys provide invaluable feedback to community stations about trends, listeners and the sector itself. Information about stations on a national, state, metro/city and non-metro level is freely available to the community broadcasting sector via a national summary report and series of fact sheets. 

Get the latest National Listener Survey fact sheets.

Stations are also able to invest in more tailored research to provide listener data about their station specifically.

Community Broadcasting Station Survey

The Community Broadcasting Station Survey, carried out by Survey Matters for the CBAA, is a comprehensive report into the activities of stations in the Australian community broadcasting sector. The Community Broadcasting Station Census is a comprehensive report into the activities of stations in the Australian community radio sector. The Census delivers a snapshot of the community radio sector covering programming, program sources, finances, staffing, volunteers, subscribers, sponsorship, training and technology.