Amanda Copp and Minister Rowland in the studio at 4EB

National Radio News


News delivered through a local lens for your community

Contact our support team to discuss a National Radio News subscription for your station by emailing [email protected] or calling 02 9310 2999.

Why your station needs it?

Trusted and reliable: Bulletins punctuate the day and draw in listeners, providing up to date news, backed by sources like AAP, BBC, and the ABC

Relevant: Hourly bulletins add structure to your schedule, mixing local, national and international news, produced in regional Australia

Independent and accessible: National Radio News (NRN) has no commercial ties or political agenda and gathers news from a community perspective

Deeper regional coverage: Addressing the needs of all communities, including news from and for regional areas and news from our dedicated reporters based in Federal Parliament. 

What are the benefits? 

Comprehensive: 84 national bulletins and 25 state/territory bulletins per week, covering all the important topics

Diverse content: Local, national and international news, delivered through a community-focused lens offering diverse stories and perspectives

Extensive reach: Available in every state and territory

Cost effective: NRN is subsidised by CBAA, offering you the most affordable rate possible.

Unique features

Local focus: Designed for underserved audiences, we link local stories to state and national events for a bespoke news service

Dedicated access: Get first-hand reports from our journalist based in the Parliament House Press Gallery, connecting your community to national issues

Exclusive content: Access news not included in regular CRN subscriptions.

What about the cost? 

For only $285 plus GST per month, you’ll get the best international and national news content plus a true community focus.

Contact our support team to discuss a National Radio News subscription for your station by emailing [email protected] or calling 02 9310 2999.

Working in partnership 

The CBAA and Charles Sturt University, supported by 2MCE-FM, and produced with the assistance of the Department of Communications and the Arts via the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

The NRN is supported by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas.




What does my subscription to National Radio News (NRN) include?

  • Hourly up to date news for a community radio audience
  • 84 x 4 minute national bulletins per week
  • 25 x state/territory bulletins per week delivered 6am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday and Sunday.

I’m already receiving news via another service, why is NRN better?

In today’s media landscape, an informed, independent voice is more crucial than ever. National Radio News offers:

  • A reliable news service that includes contributions from full-time, local journalists, a dedicated political correspondent in Canberra, and on-theground reporters from regional communities around Australia
  • NRN aligns with your principles of Community Broadcasting – providing an informed, independent voice to local issues and is conscious of those principles when delivering national and international news
  • Professional, independent and accessible broadcasting.

How do I receive NRN to my station?

National Radio News is easily available via satellite accessed manually through a fader on your mixer or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or DDN (CBAA's dedicated Digital Delivery Network). Satellite and DDN access is available to stations that are Community Radio Network subscribers.

What level of support will I receive to set up NRN at my station?

National Radio News is supported by CBAA’s infrastructure team, who are available to assist with initial onboarding and training of key technical staff.

Support is also available during the hours of NRN's distribution to provide support and updates. In the case of a technical issue, the most recent bulletin is re-run to ensure there is still content that can go to air.

I already pay for CRN, is NRN included in that subscription?

National Radio News is a stand-alone product. While it is available in the same formats as CRN, it uses a separate, dedicated team to create and deliver the content. As per all CBAA products, the subscription costs are subsided by us, so we can provide NRN at the most cost-effective rate possible.

Can I hear a sample?

Sure! You can hear recent bulletins at

Contact our support team to discuss a National Radio News subscription for your station by emailing [email protected] or calling 02 9310 2999.