National Radio News


Give your listeners relevant and up-to-the-minute national, international and state-based news and sport on the hour with National Radio News (NRN).

What is National Radio News?

Built on the community broadcasting sector's principles of democracy, independence and access, National Radio News has no commercial ties or political agenda, and often covers stories overlooked by commercial services. Bulletins are produced in Bathurst, NSW, by three full-time journalists, supported by cadets from Charles Sturt University. News is sourced from AAP, BBC, Sky News, ABC and the community radio sector.

Bulletins are four minutes long and mix national and international news, sport and finance. There is a particular focus on the information needs of people in regional areas.

Give your listeners deeper coverage of regional news and issues with NRN's weekday state-based wraps. These bulletins are available for use by NRN subscriber stations at no extra charge, either live-to-air via satellite or on-demand. Each bulletin runs to 03'50 minutes. Live satellite broadcast times:

  • 17:30 EDT: QLD
  • 17:35 EDT: ACT-NSW
  • 17:40 EDT: TAS-VIC
  • 17:45 EDT: NT-SA
  • 17:50 EDT: WA
How do you access National Radio News?

With audio available live via satellite (File Transfer Protocol) you can air bulletins manually through a fader on your mixer, or automate with a routing switch. Alternatively, access files for use in your station's automation system. 84 four-minute bulletins are produced per week, airing on the hour from 06:00-19:00 EST/EDT Monday to Friday, and 06:00-12:00 EST/EDT on weekends. Repeats of the 06:00, 07:00 and 08:00 weekdays bulletins are broadcast live at 06:30, 07:30 and 08:30, giving stations more flexibility for playout. 

Currently more than 100 stations, located in every state and territory in Australia, subscribe to the service.

How do you subscribe to National Radio News?

National Radio News is a subscription service, available to any radio station connected to the Community Radio Network. Please note that an additional fee is required for the use of bulletins, in addition to the regular CRN subscription fee. 

For more information contact the CBAA on 02 9310 2999, or at [email protected].

To pass feedback to NRN directly, email the Newsroom.


Working in partnership with

The CBAA and Charles Sturt University, supported by 2MCE-FM, and produced with the assistance of the Department of Communications and the Arts via the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

The NRN is supported by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas.