Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice - Review


Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice - Review  


Feedback to the consulation is now closed.
Thank you to all broadcasters and organisations who contributed to the Codes of Practice Review.

The draft Codes were placed on exhibition from 27 October 2022 to 15 December 2022 and from 28 September 2023 to 26 October 2023. The revised Codes will incorporate feedback from the first and second rounds of public consultation and ongoing dialogue with the ACMA and stakeholders. 

It is hoped that the revised Codes will be clearer, more flexible, and less onerous for stations to comply with. View the revised Codes here (PDF icon PDF/File DOCX).  

As the sector organisation representing the majority of licensees, the CBAA is obligated to coordinate a periodic review of the Codes to reflect changing community standards and remain relevant in the contemporary media environment.

What will happen next  

The revised Codes of Practice will be reviewed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of Impact Analysis. Once approved, the Codes and accompanying guidance material will be published on the CBAA website. Stations will have a period of time to adopt changes before the Codes come into force. 

For more information  

For more information about the revised Codes and consultation process, please email the CBAA at [email protected] 


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