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As the national sector leader, the CBAA can connect your organisation with the passionate and diverse community broadcasting sector.

This audience is interested in:

  • Radio 
  • Community media
  • Education, training and professional development 
  • Business products and services
  • Governance
  • New media technologies
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Community and cultural development
  • AND anything that can help them run their not-for-profit community radio organisations.

90% of permanently licensed community broadcasters are CBAA members. 

By aligning with the CBAA, your organisation will have the opportunity to build and reinforce its brand with Australia’s largest independent media sector and internationally renowned community radio movement. 

We welcome opportunities to work closely with companies who reflect the ideals of community broadcasting and share our vision that community broadcasting contributes to, and is a reflection of, an Australia that is an open society, a strong democracy and a vibrant culture.


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