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First Sounds is a special collaborative undertaking broadening the reach of Indigenous heritage, history and culture and supporting the burgeoning First Nations music industry.

Information and advice

The CBAA is the go-to source for up to date information and advice and services tailored to your station’s needs.

Get music

The CBAA's Australia Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) can help you get more new Australian music for your community radio station or program.

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Would you like help boosting the volume and diversity of programming on your station? Need to sustain your station’s programming overnight? Or something to fall back on when a presenter can’t make it?

Save Money

As a member, the CBAA connects your station with exclusive market-leading offers delivered by trusted providers to help save your organisation money.

Want a simple, efficient and fun way to run a webpage for your radio program? 

Financial Management

Wondering just how Australia's largest independent media sector operates? Who makes community radio? Who listens? And why do they tune in?

On Air

Digital radio is future facing and is a vital element in Australian’s multi-platform media environment.

Distribute your station's content

Community radio program makers have the chance to share their programs with community radio stations across Australia via the Community Radio Network (CRN).

Events and Training

There are lots of opportunities to take part in events, initiatives and training in the community broadcasting sector.

Explore job and volunteer opportunities in the community broadcasting sector.

Resource Library

Find information & tools to assist with many areas of community broadcasting, from governance through to programming and community engagement.

Community Education Programs

The CBAA plays an important role in providing educational and informational programming for a large national audience of almost 5 million Australians each week

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