Distribute Your Station's Content Nationally via the Community Radio Network


Community radio program makers have the chance to share their programs with community radio stations across Australia via the Community Radio Network (CRN).

CRN distributes a selection of the best programs produced across the sector - making more than 100 programs available to over 150 community radio stations across Australia. Programs range from special broadcasts of major cultural and festival events, to informative talks, specialist music and current affairs and stations that take the content are able to use it as a sustaining service or to augment their own local programming.

If you're interested in having your program added to CRN, see below for submission tips and application details for regular programs and specials.

How do you submit a regular program to be aired on the CRN?

Before you submit an application to have a regular program on CRN, there are some questions to consider:

  • Is the program as good as it could be?
  • Will it work for a national audience? If not, what adaptations will it need?
  • Will you be able to provide programs consistently each week?

View a File program review form for further tips.

It is best to discuss this with the Program Coordinator or Committee at your station to get their feedback and advice as a first port of call. Then you can contact CRN staff to talk about your idea. Staff will be able to provide further feedback about your program's suitability in relation to all off the other programs available via the network. Your program will have a better chance of finding a home on the CRN program guide if it is offering something different. 

Selection is also guided by the Codes of Practice. As such, we’re looking for innovative content that:

  • Expands the diversity of viewpoints and programming choices available, especially those underrepresented in the media.
  • Promotes an inclusive and culturally diverse Australia.
  • Supports Australian arts, music and culture.
  • Provides a voice for views underrepresented in the mainstream media.
What will you need to complete an application to air a regular program on the CRN?

1. A fully-fledged pilot for a national audience, in broadcast quality audio (see application form for more details).

2. A letter of support from your station program coordinator (or similar).

Complete the application form for regular programs and please allow a 60-day turnaround for initial applications.

How do you propose a one-off, special event to be aired on the CRN?

CRN broadcasts a range of one-off special events to subscriber stations. 

If you have a one-off special event idea such as a live feed from a festival, a conference, an innovative performance special or a pre-recorded documentary, shorts series or feature interview, call us to discuss it on 02 9310 2999. Please also get in touch regarding programs with commercial content or major sponsors. See the PDF icon CRN Specials Production Info.pdf for more details.

Complete the application form for live broadcasts or special broadcasts where relevant.

How do you obtain financial support for the production of a program?

Content Development Funding via the Community Broadcasting Foundation may be possible to assist with the production of your program. 

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