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Online resources designed to help community radio stations thrive.
CBAA Learning

A dedicated e-learning platform built by the CBAA for CBAA members and community broadcasters across Australia. The first course focuses on Emergency Broadcasting. Designed for station managers, individual volunteers and broadcasters the course comprises five modules:

  • Module 1 - will help you find the right resources to put together your emergency broadcast plan.
  • Module 2 - will get you thinking about what sort of ‘emergency broadcast’ station you want to be.
  • Modules 3 and 4 - are targeted toward on-air broadcasters – providing an understanding of how messages are constructed, what sort of information they should contain, and when to broadcast them.
  • Module 5 - offers some insights into the mental challenges and coping strategies for broadcasters and stations involved in emergency broadcasting.

Online learning covering a wide array of topics of interest to all community broadcasters. Learn from experts from the comfort of your own workstation. 

In 2020, the CBAA increased our focus on resources to assist stations throughout the pandemic while also covering content such as podcasting, programming strategies and marketing.


The annual CBAA Conference is the premier event in the community broadcasting calendar, bringing together a diverse range of broadcasters, volunteers, technicians and stakeholders to develop and strengthen their skills, knowledge base and sector network.

Join community broadcasting presenters, managers, program directors, technicians, volunteers and enthusiasts of community radio for a three-day event.

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A free series of online workshops covering various topics of interest to community broadcasters.

Find information & tools to assist with many areas of community broadcasting, from governance through to programming and community engagement.