Save Your Station Money


As a member, the CBAA connects your station with exclusive market-leading offers delivered by trusted providers to help save your organisation money.

For information on how to access these services for your station, please contact us via email or phone on 02 9310 2999.

50% off PPCA fees

The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) provides licences for the public broadcast of recorded music. CBAA members with a PPCA / Radio Station Collection Agreement in place receive a 50% discount on compulsory copyright fees. This discount also applies to the optional simulcast licence if your station also streams its broadcasts online. Find out more.

Save on insurance

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) has partnered with KBI Specialty Insurance Brokers (KBI) to connect CBAA members with exclusive access to specialised insurance that meets the needs of community broadcasters. Find out more.

Savings of up to $2,500 on CRN fees

The Community Radio Network (CRN) is CBAA’s 24/7 satellite service that stations can tap into to supplement their own programming. Permanent CBAA members pay 0.6% of gross station income annually, capped at a minimum of $625 + GST and a maximum rate of $2035 + GST (non-members pay a flat rate of $3200 + GST or $2000 + GST if a TCBL).

10% off news service

CBAA members save 10% on National Radio News.   

Free job listings and promotion

CBAA members receive free job listings on our Job & Volunteer Opportunities page. We’ll also promote your job ad to the community broadcasting sector in our fortnightly eNews. Get in touch to list your job ad now.