Policy Framework


The CBAA works to build a healthy environment in which community broadcasting can thrive by nurturing a supportive political environment, influencing public policy through leadership and research, and developing and maintaining internal and external sector relationships and networks. In particular, the CBAA proactively works with influential political stakeholders to strengthen knowledge, understanding and support of community broadcasting sector policies and programs.

The CBAA plays a strong policy development role which is guided by the following principles:

  1. Put evidence first: The CBAA collects and evaluates evidence before undertaking priority setting and decision making, ensuring that all policy and sector leadership work is built from a strong evidence base. The CBAA takes a pluralistic approach to research gathering, using quantitative and qualitative approaches to form a robust evidence base for policies. 
  2. Consult effectively: The CBAA values the expertise and experience of members and sector leaders by undertaking targeted and effective consultation to assist in policy and sector leadership work. The CBAA recognises the importance of consultation when developing ideas, in decision making and in communicating results.
  3. Be proactive: The CBAA commits to leading discussions, developing policy and championing change that will develop the sector. 
  4. Build coalitions: The CBAA forms relationships with the media, voluntary, not-for-profit, commercial and related sectors in order to advance the interests of members. 
  5. Evaluate our work: The CBAA quantifies the impact of policy and sector leadership work and uses findings to constantly improve. Evaluation helps the CBAA to be accountable to members, funders and the wider sector. 
  6. Promote the values of the sector through positive initiatives: Community broadcasting is a success story. While some situations will require the CBAA to frame issues as a crisis, funding and policy initiatives will, whenever possible, promote the success of the sector and the value of investing in community broadcasting initiatives.