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NAIDOC Week 2024 - Blak, Loud and Proud

Joshua Cole, 8th July 2024

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NAIDOC Week celebrations are held every year each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year the week falls between 7 and 14 July, and the CBAA wants to acknowledge the its theme and fill you in on what we’re doing to mark the week. 

Blak, Loud and Proud 

This year’s theme, Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud reflects the power of media of all kinds, including community media, to preserve and promote language and culture.  

“"Blak, Loud and Proud" encapsulates the unapologetic celebration of Indigenous identity, empowering us to stand tall in our heritage and assert our place in the modern world. This theme calls for a reclamation of narratives, an amplification of voices, and an unwavering commitment to justice and equality. It invites all Australians to listen, learn, and engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering a society where the wisdom and contributions of Indigenous peoples are fully valued and respected.” 

51 First Nations organisations provide 158 community broadcasting services covering our capital cities to our most remote regional areas.  

These services connect community to language, culture, community voices and music. Australians from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background are 37% more likely than the general population to listen to community radio. 

First Nations Place Names on Community Radio Plus 

3KND CR Plus Pic

We are working to include these place names in the Community Radio Plus app. 

Stations that have fed back to us about appropriate names include:

  • Ngaarda Media - Ngarluma ngurra (Roebourne)

  • 3KND - Wurundjeri (Melbourne)

  • RadioNGM - Irruntyju (Wingellina)

  • Triple A - Meanjin (Brisbane)

  • CAAMA Radio - Mparntwe (Alice Springs)

  • BBM 98.7 FM - Gimuy (Cairns)

Over the coming weeks you’ll see these names being introduced to the app. Not all broadcasting areas have corresponding names, and we want to be respectful of local conditions, so if you’re a broadcaster in a region that thinks a name should be included, or changed, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. 

The Local Source – NAIDOC Launch 

The Local Source

The AMRAP Radio Show has been a fixture on the Community Radio Network for several years, bringing a roundup of the latest in Australian music to community radio audiences. 

We’re excited to announce that the AMRAP Radio Show is becoming The Local Source, better capturing the show’s goal of amplifying local music so that broadcasters and listeners alike know what they’re hearing. 

The first episode of The Local Source airs on Wednesday, 10 July on the Community Radio Network. To mark NAIDOC Week it will feature Muruwari musician Dobby selecting some of his favourite First Nations artists from as well as discussing his new album, WARRANGU; River Story. 

And while you’re in the NAIDOC spirit check out AMRAP’s 2024 NAIDOC playlist! 

If you're a subscriber to the Community Radio Network who wants to air the show, The Local Source will be broadcast via the Community Radio Network on Wednesdays at 9pm AEST. If you’re a listener, you can find the show on participating stations or on the Community Radio Plus app. 

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A First Nations Digital Radio Special Broadcast


Radio NAIDOC, a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture, will be broadcast live on community radio stations around the country on July 8th during NAIDOC Week 2015.


Radio NAIDOC is a live collaborative radio event on DAB+ next Wednesday, 8 July, broadcasting NAIDOC Week celebrations live on digital Indigenous stations across the country.