$10 million of grant applications miss out in latest CBF Funding Round

Reece Kinnane, 1st July 2024

A huge congratulations to all community broadcasters who successfully applied for CBF Grants in the recent funding round.  

Funding was announced by the CBF last week. Stations should have been notified by email and you can check if you were successful on the CBF website

CBF funding is becoming more and more competitive and unfortunately many good applications miss out each round. 

Current CBF funding levels are insufficient to meet high station demand for grants. The CBF program has been experiencing an average $9.5 million funding shortfall annually.  

The latest CBF Funding Round was $10 million oversubscribed. 

CBF Funding for Stations 24/45 (Granted June 2024) 


Requested ($) 

Granted ($) 

Development & Operations 






CBAA is working with the Federal Government to seek an increase in funding for CBF grants. 

CBAA argues current funding levels are insufficient to: 

  • meet station demand for grants 

  • meet growing community need for services 

  • support more efficient, multi-year grant-making 

  • respond to technological, social, environmental and economic trends 

  • support investment to build station resilience, support innovation, enhance the sector’s community impact and deliver a better return on investment to taxpayers 

  • achieve social and economic outcomes desired by stations as well as community and government stakeholders. 

To deliver a sustainable base for the future, CBAA argues that total funding for Community Broadcasting Foundation should increase from $22.5 million pa to $40 million next year. 

Funding for the Indigenous Media and Broadcasting Program delivered by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) also needs to increase from $21.5 to $40 million pa.  

Increased, long-term and secure funding from the Australian Government is critical to support community broadcasting to deliver positive impact for our communities. 

If you missed out on funding, or received funding that will have a major impact on your station’s impact please contact CBAA Head of Advocacy and Communications Reece Kinnane ([email protected]) about how you can support our sector’s advocacy efforts for better funding in the future.  

CBAA’s recent Budget Submission is here.  

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The CBAA is seeking a substantially increased funding allocation for community broadcasters in the 2024/25 Federal Budget to deliver Roadmap 2033: Community Broadcasting’s plan for greater impact in every Australian Community.


Last night’s Federal Budget has been disappointing for community broadcasters. The Budget for community broadcasters has been maintained – in line with the status quo – but it has failed to deliver the sustainable funding base required for community broadcasting to meet current demands and address the growing needs of our communities. 


The community broadcasting sector has welcomed the first budget from the Albanese Government tonight.

The Budget handed down by the Treasurer has provided much needed funding certainty for community broadcasting with $88 million allocated over the next four years.