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New Video Guides on Using Radius for Community Radio Stations

Joshua Cole, 28th June 2024

We have released a series of informative video guides aimed at helping community radio stations that operate digital radio (DAB+ services) to optimise their services using Radius. Radius is a tool designed to manage metadata, allowing stations to enhance their broadcasting capabilities.

The newly launched video guides cover essential topics such as:

  • Setting up an electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Adding new programs to the system
  • Incorporating special broadcasts into the schedule

These resources aren't intended to replace complete training on the use of Radius, but are ideal for volunteers and staff who want to perform important day to day tasks using the tool.

To access these video guides, visit the CBAA's YouTube playlist here.

You can log into Radius here.

For further assistance or to inquire more about using Radius for your station, reach out to the CBAA Digital Radio Project team at [email protected].

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