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Invest in Community Radio Resilience and Innovation - 2022 Federal Election

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 17th April 2022

Community radio has played a vital role in supporting communities through the COVID-19 pandemic and recent natural disasters.

Our stations have provided timely and culturally-sensitive local information. They're exploring new business models with their local publishers to support public interest journalism. They've strengthened community connections and resilience by fundraising and supporting community groups. They've supported Aussie artists who've lost income by increasing airplay. And they've comforted those most isolated through innovative music and spoken word programming.

Federal Government funding is the important backbone that underpins our sector's work. An increased investment ensures our stations have a strong base from which to innovate, and that major sector-wide projects are secured.

Our ask: In the 2022 Federal Election, the CBAA is seeking an increase in sector funding to $25m per annum. 

This is a long-standing policy position for the CBAA. The extra $5m per annum will support strong station operations and resilience, allowing a steady base from which to innovate.

$25m per annum also secures funding ongoing for major sector projects like DAB+ digital radio, online and multiplatform infrastructure, news and training.

Currently, ~$20 is projected in the Forward Estimates until 2022/23, before it drops back to ~$16m from 2023/24. A baseline of $20m secures major national projects. An increase to $25m per annum will strengthen station operations and resilience.

How you can help

In the last two election campaigns, we have focused on connecting our stations with local members and supporting you to build these relationships.

MPs and Senators who have a relationship with their local community radio station/s are strong advocates. They see the value of our stations firsthand. This elevates our sector with Government, but it can also directly benefit your station. Connected local members provide support through sponsorship and other means.

Throughout the election, we need you to engage with your local candidates - on air, online, and at events. We encourage you to consider:

  • Interviewing local candidates on air.
  • Hosting local meet the candidate events and undertaking OBs.
  • Inviting candidates to your station events.

While you have your local candidates atention, ask them if they will support the CBAA's calls to increase funding by $5m for the sector.

Tips and tools to help you

Let us know you're plans

We want to promote your great engagement!

Let us know what you have planned and/or how we can support you. Please email your updates, picture and questions to CBAA's Head of Advocacy and Communications, Holly Friedlander Liddicoat at

There’s also the chance to win $2,000 a week by sending in your photos to the CCA and Our Community’s competition Poli-pix.

2022 Federal Election news

Frieda Lee, 18th May 2022

Labor's win secures $12m promise for community radio.

A quote from the article and a photo of Barnaby Joyce and David Gillespie sitting at the studio desk with Sta FM workers standing beside them

Frieda Lee, 18th May 2022

Barnaby Joyce has expressed his ongoing support for commity radio on air at Sta FM in Inverell

Quote from the article and Sarah Hanson Young at C44 in Adelaide

Frieda Lee, 18th May 2022

The Greens have committed to guaranteeing future funding for the community broadcasting sector.

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 13th May 2022

$12m over three years in package to support community radio & support for community TV.

2BOB's Meet the Candidates flyer includes event details and an image of a ballot box

Frieda Lee, 29th April 2022

As part of their coverage of the May 21 Federal Election, 2BOB Radio extends an invitation to the community to their Meet the Candidates evening in the Manning Entertainment Centre at 7pm on Thursday May 12.

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$12m over three years in package to support community radio & support for community TV.


We’ve had a busy start to the year and things are getting busier with the 2022 Federal Election fast approaching. Here is a snapshot of our advocacy efforts and impacts since the last sector leadership update in December 2021.


Labor's win secures $12m promise for community radio.