Be part of the media scrum for the 2022 Federal Election

Amy Leiper, 8th April 2022
CBAA’s Political Reporter Amanda Copp will be filing stories not only from National Radio News' Press Gallery studios in Parliament House, but she will be on the road with the major parties where she'll be busy working on the lead-up to the Federal Election.

As the heads of the major parties tour communities across the country, Amanda will speak to members of the community on the ground about issues that effect them and bring their voices to the national audience. National Radio News will also be covering other elements of the election as we head towards May 21st. The first week Amanda is on the Prime Minster's bus but she will soon join the Nationals on the road and then Labor.

Amanda said, "My first priority is to provide listeners with accurate information on what is happening on the campaign – what is happening on the ground, what policies are being announced, and most importantly, how it affect’s everyday Australians’ lives. I hope to give listeners an unbiased read of what both sides of politics are offering them. I want to cut through the spin of political campaigning and give listeners information that will help them be as informed as they can be on polling day."

"This will be my first election out on the road and travelling on the parties’ campaign buses. I’m excited to see the politicians up close while they are out in electorates and trying to convince locals to vote for them. As a first-timer, I’m hoping I can lend fresh eyes and a new perspective on the campaign and how the media covers such an important democratic event."


In the next few episodes of her Bubble Pop podcast, Amanda will interview politicians, journalists and experts about key policy issues that are on the minds of all Australians as election day gets closer.

She is also joining veteran journalist Malcolm Farr on a new project with the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas that will give a journalist’s view from Inside the Media Scrum. Amanda will provide a first-hand perspective of what it’s like reporting on a national election.

Each week Malcolm and Amanda will be filing stories, newsletters, video and podcasts to help you keep across the media in the 2022 Federal Election. You can sign up for the latest updates and follow JNI on social media to go Inside the Media Scrum.

Malcolm Farr, who has covered every election since 1993 and has written on federal politics for publications across the media landscape, including The Australian,, Crikey, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and more, will provide an eagle-eye view of the media during the campaign.

Find out more and isten to episode one of Inside the Media Scrum:

Listen to Bubble Pop:

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In the lead up to the next Federal election, community broadcasters are in a fantastic position to act as a conduit between politicians and our communities.


With the 2022 Federal Budget just around the corner, National Radio News (NRN), is gearing up to provide community radio stations with full coverage. NRN journalist, Laura Devoy, will be joining Amanda Copp, NRN’s Political Reporter in Canberra on 29 March 2022 to help with this mammoth task. NRN’s News Director, Frank Bonaccorso, will be on hand to divvy budget related story assignments out to other journalists. The day will be long and busy. We thought you might like to know how it works.