Community Radio Network

Community Radio Network


The CBAA's Community Radio Network allows community radio stations to share some of the sector’s best news, talk, music and entertainment programs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Community Radio Network gives access to over 110 talk and music programs, and distributes several flagship community radio programs, including National Radio News, The Wire and Good Morning Country, as well as:

  • Special broadcasts covering major cultural and festival events
  • Informative talks programs
  • Specialist music programs
  • Topical short inserts

Stations that subscribe to the service can choose exactly what they’d like to use and when, augmenting their own local content with specific programs of national relevance - from full programs or short inserts within existing programming, to use as a fall-back or overnight sustaining service. The CRN service offers stable, cost-effective, broadcast quality audio, accessible via either the Digital Delivery Network (DDN) or live satellite audio feed. All programs on the CRN can be broadcast live or recorded and re-broadcast later.

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Your station’s 24/7 talk, music, news and entertainment network 

Distribute your station's content

Community radio program makers have the chance to share their programs with community radio stations across Australia via the Community Radio Network (CRN).

News delivered through a local lens for your community

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