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Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 3rd July 2020

The CBAA and First Nations Media Australia makes joint submission.

BRL logo

Sharmaine Spencer, 1st July 2020

We recently caught up with the presenter and producer of BRL, Gav, who lives and breaths all things hip-hop! 

Victorian Seniors Festival Community Radio Network

amclellan, 1st July 2020

Victorian Seniors Festival content available to stations from July to October 2020

Danny Chifley, 30th June 2020

The CBAA is pleased to welcome you to the July 2020 content for the national suicide prevention and mental health awareness project, developed with the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

CBAA Webinar - Podcasting Essentials

Danny Chifley, 22nd June 2020

*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.*

In this session you’ll find out how, when, why and if you should get into podcasting. It will look at the different genres, what’s most popular out there at the moment, and how to make your podcast sustainable.

The Consumer Coach

Danny Chifley, 5th June 2020

A brand new show to support your listeners during COVID-19.

CBAA Webinars

Danny Chifley, 2nd June 2020

*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.*

The CBAA Community Radio Awards acknowledge excellence and innovation in the community broadcasting sector and it is once again time to celebrate your achievements. This webinar aims to help you craft the best possible entry for your station. 

amclellan, 1st June 2020

Meet the producers, mentors and selection panel for NFDS 2020.

Distribute your station's content

Danny Chifley, 1st June 2020

Each month, our project team develops a series of 20 short radio segments designed to promote help-seeking behaviour and positive lifestyle choices, using interviews with service providers, as well as profiles of people who have successfully dealt with tough times in their lives.

Wendy McWilliam, 29th May 2020

Welcome to the May 2020 issue of CBX Magazine, where we acknowledge the original sounds of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Artists on Australian Radio; dive into ways we can help build a more civil society with two passionate presenters; discover the correlation between community broadcasting and social enterprise; and continue to explore ways community radio plays a vital role in times of emergencies. 

Radio East Gippsland

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 27th May 2020

The devastating bushfires that impacted vast regions of Australia towards the end of 2019 and into 2020 saw over 80 community radio stations broadcasting in fire affected areas or to fire affected communities.

Danny Chifley, 21st May 2020

Entries for the 2020 CBAA Community Radio Awards are now open.


Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 14th May 2020

Charities, including community radio stations, are the heart of communities and people are turning to them in droves for support and comfort at this time

Braidwood FM donated radios

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 14th May 2020

The CBAA highlights the role played by community broadcasters during the 2019-20 bushfire emergencies and other natural disasters.

Alliance for Journalists Freedom logo

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 12th May 2020

The CBAA joins Alliance for Journalists' Freedom and regional coalition in open letter.

CBAA Webinars

Danny Chifley, 4th May 2020

*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.*

You know what your audience wants and you know what you want your station to sound like. But how can we as community broadcasters bring these concepts to life?

Think Stories and Ideas

Sharmaine Spencer, 30th April 2020

A new part of the award winning 'Think' series from 2SER is coming to the Community Radio Network. 

Afro Turn Up

amclellan, 28th April 2020

The Community Radio Network catches up with host and producer Kix.

A man listening

Danny Chifley, 28th April 2020

This month we learn about the LivingWorks Start program, help and support you can access through Lifeline via phone and online as well as the free online support ReachOut is providing to young Australians during the COVID-19 outbreak to help them stay well when it comes to their mental health.

Mitch Fuller, 27th April 2020

Leading the Way on the Regional Chart