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CBAA Communications, 5th January 2020

Did you know that you can use the CBAA’s National Listener Survey (NLS) data to communicate your station's important role in your community to government, grant providers and potential sponsors?

Jon Bisset, CBAA's Chief Executive Officer, 29th January 2019

A key strategy of the CBAA is to assist stations to build their capacity. This means, helping your station to build its skills, resources, knowledge, personnel, infrastructure, content and income to continue trhiving and growing to meet the current and changing needs of your community.  

Microphone in studio

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 28th February 2018

Comes into effect 14 March 2018.


Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 14th February 2018

Two Sydney community organisations collaborate - including community radio station 99.7fm 2SSR!

CBAA Webinars

Danny Chifley, 7th February 2018

Join us as we explore a step-by-step guide to getting sponsorship sales going in your station, including access to resources, recommended tools, and a practical process to get you through the first 12 months of sponsorship sales.

Marriage Postal Vote

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 14th September 2017

The ACMA releases updated information.

CBAA Webinars

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 7th July 2017

*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*

Running a radio station is an expensive undertaking and accessing multiple revenue streams can help keep a station running and secure its future. But where can you get money from? And how?

CBAA Conference 2016

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 25th November 2016

Should your station register as a charity? The short answer is, yes.

Get data

Jon Bisset, 8th March 2016

In 2015, the CBAA undertook a tender process for the National Listener Survey. We are pleased to advise that this process is now complete and provide you with some further information about how the survey will be administered in 2016.

5 million listeners per week

Helen Henry, 15th April 2015

The latest research shows that 1 in 4 Australians tune in to community radio each week and spend an average of 17 hours listening.

NSW State Election 2015 community radio coverage

CBAA Web Articles., 18th March 2015

A quick list of rules & regulations to keep in mind when broadcasting election advertising and political material during the NSW State Election period.

CBAA Webinars

Helen Henry, 19th February 2015

In the final part of three-part special sponsorship webinar series, Stephen Pead will explore and provide guidance on closing sponsorship sales. 

CBAA Webinars

Helen Henry, 18th February 2015

In part two of our three-part special sponsorship webinar series, Stephen Pead will delve into conducting effective meetings with prospective sponsors and following up with a great proposal. 

CBAA Webinars

Helen Henry, 1st February 2015

In part one of our special three-part webinar series with a focus on sponsorship, Stephen Pead will assist you in preparing to handle objections and avoid coming unstuck when speaking with prospect

CBAA Webinars

CBAA Web Articles., 20th January 2015

The National Listener Survey has been carried out by CBAA in partnership with McNair Ingenuity Research since 2004. The surveys provide invaluable feedback to the community broadcasting sector and local community stations about trends, listeners and the sector itself. This information is freely available to the community broadcasting sector via a series of Fact Sheets, and can be used as part of marketing & sponsorship proposals.

CBAA News, 18th July 2014

Does a station have to be paid for an announcement for it to be considered advertising and therefore a breach of the regulations? When does a gig guide or an interview with a musician become an advertisement?

CBAA News, 28th October 2013

The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) in conjunction with the CBAA has launched a series of free webinars for community broadcasters.

CBAA News, 9th October 2013

'Sponsorship for Community Radio and Televisions Stations (Part 1)' is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 15 October and will be conducted by Stephen Pead, who has had a long media career joins us for the first of two sessions on sponsorship.

CBAA News, 19th November 2011

Is it possible to make $50 million dollars for your station in five years? Rob Molhoek, the Sales Manager of Hope Media seems to think so.