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Roadmap 2033 Project underway

Joshua Cole, 9th February 2023

Roadmap 2033 Project underway

Roadmap 2033 will build a shared vision for the future of community broadcasting in Australia. This joint initiative of the CBAA and CBF aims to provide a long-term strategy for community broadcasting in Australia.

It will define the shared goals of community broadcasters and the outcomes the sector, as a whole, want to see, for stations and sector representative organisations, for listeners and viewers, staff and volunteers, and for our communities.

Roadmap 2033 will detail the steps that need to be taken and how we will measure and govern our progress as we meet the milestones on the road to our shared vision. 

Roadmap 2033 will also serve as a communication tool – a high-level document that helps articulate our values and strategic thinking. It will be developed by the sector for the sector.

Throughout the project, updates will be issued to subscribers detailing what’s happening, how to get involved, and what’s coming up next.

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Thirty-two community broadcasting leaders and other stakeholders travelled from across the country and met at the Roadmap 2033 Leadership Forum on February 23 in Sydney.


2022 was a big year in advocacy for the CBAA. We have worked hard to ensure that community broadcasting is front of mind in any government process on emergency management, news, and community resilience. We have cemented strong relationships with policy makers across the political spectrum and secured ongoing funding vital to the sector’s ability to stay on air.

Here is a snapshot of our advocacy efforts and impacts over 2022.


*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.*

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