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Roadmap 2033 Discussion Paper - Have your say

Joshua Cole, 19th April 2023

Roadmap 2033 is a project jointly sponsored by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and the Community Broadcasting Foundation, with the aim of providing a long-term strategy for community broadcasting in Australia. 

Hundreds of people have been involved so far, and many have asked when and how they can get more involved in the Roadmap 2033 process. 

The first phase of Roadmap 2033 is now complete with the publication of a Discussion Paper

This report is based on discovery insights developed through: 

  • environmental scanning and data analysis 

  • 22 in-depth interviews with leaders inside and outside the community broadcasting sector 

  • focus groups with representatives from stations and sector organisations 

  • qualitative research. 

The Discussion Paper summarises the top 10 insights into the current challenges and opportunities facing the community broadcasting sector, and the top 10 trends affecting the sector. 

Get Involved: Roadmap 2033 Conversation Circles 

This is where the rubber hits the road, and we want you to grab the wheel and drive. 

This Discussion Paper marks the beginning of Roadmap 2033, not the end. The insights summarised in the paper aim to spark discussion, not to end it. 

We are now asking stations to check in with Roadmap 2033 and to provide feedback on the direction we have mapped out by hosting a conversation circle with your station community. 

The Discussion Paper is the basis of Conversation Circles. It aims to prompt discussion and to serve as a basis for individual and small groups of broadcasters and content makers to provide direct feedback, which will be used to develop Roadmap 2033 and proposals for action in their final form. 

We will provide all the tools you need to consider the key themes as a group and provide feedback including:  

  • Discussion Paper 

  • An agenda for a 1 or 2-hour conversation circle 

  • A conversation guide for facilitators 

  • Flexible options to provide your feedback 

Conversation Circles are an important opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas to the development of the Community Broadcasting Roadmap 2033.  

Read this guide for information on how to host a conversation circle and submit your feedback. 

Submissions are due by 12 May. 

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Roadmap 2033 will build a shared vision for the future of community broadcasting in Australia. This joint initiative of the CBAA and CBF aims to provide a long-term strategy for community broadcasting in Australia.

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Thirty-two community broadcasting leaders and other stakeholders travelled from across the country and met at the Roadmap 2033 Leadership Forum on February 23 in Sydney.


The community broadcasting sector Roadmap 2033 is nearing completion.