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Roadmap 2033 Nearing Completion

Joshua Cole, 1st August 2023

The community broadcasting sector Roadmap 2033 is nearing completion. 

The final stage of consultation has included broad input from a cross section of station representatives from all across Australia and all parts of our diverse community. We had input from over 150 station representatives in the final stage alone.  

We have heard:  

  • the need to make practical and achievable goals that are clear and easy to understand and strive towards. 
  • the call to celebrate what the sector does already in terms of entertainment, art and culture. 


As one person said, “When it comes down to it, we entertain people and bring joy into their lives – the broader social and political outcomes are important – but let’s not lose that.” 


  • the clarion call to make sure Roadmap 2033 reaffirms our legislative mandate to provide free and readily accessible broadcasting to our community interests. 

We took a lot of other feedback too, all of which is making a big contribution to a stronger version of the document. 


The Boards of the CBAA and CBF had an historic joint meeting to discuss the draft Roadmap. At this meeting, members of both Boards expressed support for the values and strategic priorities identified by the sector over the last 6 months. 

Consultation with Government

We are continuing to consult with Government agencies, and converse about how Government will support Roadmap 2033. 

We are working with the Department of Infrastructure (DITRDCA - Communications), the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) to ensure the work we have done is considered in the Government’s Review of support for the sustainability of the community broadcasting sector. 

Next steps

We are planning for launch activities likely to be in September (no date finalised yet). We will be in touch about how you and your organisation can be involved. 

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The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) are excited to announce that Roadmap 2033 is ready. Roadmap 2033 provides a ten-year plan for the community broadcasting sector, outlining a shared vision of the future where community broadcasting is at the heart of every community. 


Roadmap 2033 is a project jointly sponsored by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and the Community Broadcasting Foundation, with the aim of providing a long-term strategy for community broadcasting in Australia. Read the newly released discussion paper and find out how you can give your feedback.


Roadmap 2033 will build a shared vision for the future of community broadcasting in Australia. This joint initiative of the CBAA and CBF aims to provide a long-term strategy for community broadcasting in Australia.

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