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Andrew McLellan, 9th July 2020

We chat to Michael Kerr from Small Business Banter on the Community Radio Network

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 3rd July 2020

The CBAA and First Nations Media Australia makes joint submission.

Victorian Seniors Festival Community Radio Network

Andrew McLellan, 1st July 2020

Victorian Seniors Festival content available to stations from July to October 2020

Andrew McLellan, 1st June 2020

Meet the producers, mentors and selection panel for NFDS 2020.

Think Stories and Ideas

Sharmaine Spencer, 30th April 2020

A new part of the award winning 'Think' series from 2SER is coming to the Community Radio Network. 

Katrina Hughes, 2nd March 2020

Welcome to the Community Broadcasting Suicide Prevention Project, March 2020. This month includes a segment on raising funds and awareness for young people in Australia living with mental health difficulties, and to help prevent youth suicide. 


Katrina Hughes, 2nd March 2020

Hosted entirely by people aged between 9-16 years old, Primary Perspectives has been created specifically to provide an opportunity for young people to share meaningful dialogue about local/global community issues they care about.

Danny Chifley, 22nd February 2020

The Broadcasting Services Act (1992) stipulates broadcast law regarding media coverage of local, state and federal elections. It is the responsibility of every community broadcaster to ensure that these laws are observed, as a condition of the station's licence.

Checkpoint - Logo

Sharmaine Spencer, 28th January 2020

CBAA 2019 Community Radio Awards winner for Excellence in Innovative Programming and Content, Checkpoint, is joining the CRN in 2020! 
Siobhán Moran-McFarlane

Sharmaine Spencer, 21st January 2020

Two time CBAA Community Radio Awards finalist and the winner of the 2018 award for Excellence in News & Current Affairs programming, Another World, is joining the CRN in 2020! 

Andrew McLellan, 31st December 2019

A Q&A with host Peter Lehner, who has been behind the program for almost 6 years now. A national version of the program is available through the Community Radio Network.

women walking

Sharmaine Spencer, 4th December 2019

Step Away from the Car is a series of 10 segments that get listeners thinking about using more 'active' choices when it comes to transport, choices that require us stepping away from the car.  

Marion Cheedy Yurala

Andrew McLellan, 13th November 2019

In the Pilbara, the duties of a yurala are handed down from father to son through the generations, as they are called on to perform songs and dances to make it rain.

Dylan Storer Living Water and Money to Make

Andrew McLellan, 13th November 2019

In the north of Australia, enormous amounts of money are being invested in plans to irrigate using water from some of our wildest rivers.

Mia Armitage Living in Paradise

Andrew McLellan, 13th November 2019

The so-called national homeless crisis continues to impact communities everywhere, from cities to regional Australia.

David Brown Transport for People with a Disability

Andrew McLellan, 13th November 2019

Accessing transport can be a struggle for many, particularly if you have a disability. 

Saad Khalid Kings of the Desert

Andrew McLellan, 12th November 2019

Their work was tough and the life that they lived is a largely a forgotten chapter in Australia’s history.

Bernard Namok Junior Let It Fly

Andrew McLellan, 7th November 2019

Bernard Namok Senior designed the Torres Strait Flag, 27 years ago, but despite its continued use, it’s still not clear who owns the copyright to the design.

Amy McMurtrie Eradicating Difference

Andrew McLellan, 7th November 2019

Pregnancy often involves pre-natal screening and testing, that can be mystifying and confusing.

Alice Ansara The CWA and the F Word

Andrew McLellan, 6th November 2019

The Country Women’s Association is at the heart of rural traditional values, so when a young, urban feminist comes knocking on their door, will there be a place for her in the organisation?

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