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WEBINAR: Interviewing 101

Joshua Cole, 14th November 2023

This webinar will explore interviews:
- Where to look for them
- Preparing properly and knowing your angle
- Key interviewing skills

It will look at how to interview for information, how to hold to account, and how to interview so your listener feels it's for them.

Date: 28 November, 2023 at 3:00-4:00PM AEST

Presented by:
Martin DaviesMartin Davies is the CBAA's Network News Director, coordinating the development, scheduling, and sharing of news and current affairs content across the Community Radio Network. He previously worked at the BBC World Service in London as Regional Executive Editor for Africa and the Middle East, and also as overnight editor for the most listened to news and current affairs morning show, on World Service.










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*Past webinar, click through to watch recording*

Join us in a discussion around the CBAA guidance materials for The Voice Referendum circulated a few weeks ago.


*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.* 

In the lead up to the next Federal election, community broadcasters are in a fantastic position to act as a conduit between politicians and our communities.


While community broadcasting has been documented for aiding development in the Global South, communities in Uganda engage in narrowcasting and share information using Community Audio Towers (CATs). This challenges our understanding of communication for development media since CATs employ both the one-way and the two-way approaches to ensure survival. Among the crucial areas of CATs that have not been attended to by academic scrutiny is the issue of how CATs sustain themselves financially. To cover that gap, the CAT processes of information gathering, processing and dissemination, are discussed below. The discussion comes from data collected using 10 key informant interviews to show how CATs, platforms that are economically non-viable, are able to survive in myriad economically-oriented media systems in Uganda. Implications of CATs for local community development are herein highlighted.