Station Management

Information on managing COVID-19 vaccination requirements at your station

What constitutes good governance practice, such as board composition, board effectiveness, risk and organisational performance.

Research by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) shows 48% of women working in media have experienced intimidation, abuse or sexual harassment in the workplace and this troubling statistic hasn't changed much over the last two decades. What can your station do to create a safe station environment?

What is it? How does it work? When should it be used?

As community organisations, it's important that community radio stations provide safe environments for their communities.

Planning budgets, for stakeholders, your comunity of interest and sustainably - get all the info!

Board members should always see their role as being representative; their decisions should be made with everyone in mind. 

Get templates to help your station set priorities and acheive your goals.

To help communicate your goals to listeners, members, staff and volunteers, your community radio station should have a vision statement that illustrates what the station wants to become in the future.

Succession planning is vital in any organisation, but especially in a volunteer-run one.

How the CBAA can help

CBAA members can access HR support by way of forms, policies, contracts and agreements for use in their stations. Find out more.