A recent High Court Ruling means that stations can be legally responsible for defamatory comments made by the public on their websites and social media pages

What policies and procedures do you need to have, and where to get templates from.

Did you know that if you are serving food or alcohol at your OBs, open days or events then you must comply with relevant legislation?

Running a community radio station inevitably involves having to comply with national and state legislation. 

If your station is a permanently licensed community broadcaster, you will have to complete a licence renewal every five years.

Get the low-down on the sector's regulatory and advisory bodies, documents, legislation and more!

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for the allocation, renewal, and regulation of community broadcasting licences.

The rules or constitution of a not-for-profit are a road map for running the organisation. It is also a legal requirement that an organisation and its members follow the rules of the organisation.

Ensure your station's compliance and help create a healthy environment for young people.

Advertising and marketing in Australia is governed by a co-regulatory system, with regulation in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), as well as a self-regulatory system administered by representativ

How the CBAA can help

The CBAA offers free HR support to member stations, which includes creating policy documents. If your station needs a Workplace Health and Safety policy, Workplace Bullying Policy or Anti-Discrimination and EEO Policy, for example, get in touch