Developing a Vision and Mission Statement


To help communicate your goals to listeners, members, staff and volunteers, your community radio station should have a vision statement that illustrates what the station wants to become in the future.

The vision statement may have a number of points covering different areas of the station. What will the station sound like for its listeners, and how will it be for its volunteers, staff, board and/or stakeholders?

A vision statement is the first step in the strategic planning process followed closely by the development of a mission statement. 

A mission statement is a brief description of your community radio station’s purpose and identifies the scope of what the organisation does. For example, 4ZZZ's mission statement is ‘Connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities’. It is important that the vision and mission reflect the aspirations of the station's stakeholders, particularly its community of interest.

Vision and Mission Statement Info Sheet

Developed by the Community Media Training Organisation.