Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


Not-for-profits often work with other organisations when limited resources, funding or tender requirements drive a need to pool resources and expertise or strategically align to access tax concessions.

An MOU can be described as ‘an agreement to agree’.

It is typically an agreement to enter into a more specific and comprehensive contract or agreement at a later time or when particular circumstances arise, after further negotiations.

MOU Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines:

  • what is an MOU and when should an MOU be used?
  • what issues will an MOU cover?
  • what are my obligations under an MOU?
  • is an MOU a legally binding document – like a contract?

Check out this fact sheet from the Not-for-Proft Law Information Hub.

Template MOU

This base template provides an example of the way an MOU can be set out and the types of details it may include. 

Check out this template from the Not-for-Proft Law Information Hub