Step Away from the Car

amclellan, 6th November 2017

The simple acts of walking and cycling have the potential to transform the places we live, our economies and how we engage with our environment.

Over a 10-part series of short pieces ready to drop into your radio programs, Step Away from the Car hears from a variety of thinkers who were present at the 2017 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference. The conference and pieces get listeners thinking about using more 'active' choices when it comes to transport, choices that require stepping away from the car. 

Schoolchildren would prefer to ride their bikes or scooters or walk to school. Electric pedicabs could provide a cheap, clean alternative to taxis. Mindfulness can be a wonderful benefit of walking and cycling. Bike share may be a great invention, but it presents some wicked problems too.

These ideas are just some of the gems contained across the series. Produced by Radio Adelaide's Nicky Page, hear from a unique mix of policy makers, urban planners, community advocacy groups, entrepreneurs, inventors and artists. 

Port Adelaide BUG Heavy industry, heavy vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are a pretty uncomfortable combination in Port Adelaide. The grassroots Bicycle User Group there has been working for 35 years to “increase the margins of safety” for cyclists and pedestrians. BUG Secretary Sam Powrie describes the situation and some of their successes. 07'00
Knowing Your Place: 3214 Most places hold endless stories and sights if you just take a closer look. Five self guided walks developed by local people in the northern suburbs of Geelong have captured many of them. Community Development Officer Amanda Stirrat explains that support for cycling has been just one of the flow on effects of this project. 07'00

Auckland Steps Away from the Car

Hong Kong and New Zealand have very different traffic environments. Senior Traffic Engineer Jason Chow was born in Hong Kong but now works in Auckland, creating a variety of safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians. Find out why he describes one of those routes as “vibrant” 05'46
Women and Children Step Away from the Car Why is it so hard for women and children to get out of the car and onto bikes, scooters and their own two feet? Jan Garrard and Hulya Gilbert are two researchers with a few answers. And some solutions. 07'00
Let Your Driver do the Pedaling When walking and cycling don’t get you far enough fast enough then new technology opens up new possibilities of Active Transport. Pedicabs are not just for Asia, or a novelty for tourists in Australia, they could be a viable urban transport option … according to Adelaide entrepreneur/ mechanic Daniels Langeberg. 07'00
The Institute of Sensible Transport At peak hour an average Australian city traffic lane carries 2,000 people per hour. If they were on bikes that lane could move 14,000 people per hour. That’s why Elliot Fishman, from the Institute of Sensible Transport is studying bicycle sharing.  Elliot was a keynote speaker at the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference. 07'00
The Trojan Horse of Fun What happens when you take the dark arts of advertising and develop “collective impact” programs to encourage and support cycling in the City of Sydney?  Jess Miller has been finding out, both as Program Director with Republic of Everyone and as part of Clover Moore’s Independent team on the Sydney City Council Jess was a keynote speaker at the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference. 07'00
Keep An Eye on Bendigo 50 million share bikes in China is the prediction for 2025. But if those share bikes break down they often end up dumped on the street. Dockless bike share has arrived in Australia and there are some nasty problems already experienced in Melbourne and Sydney. But a locally designed smart system from the inventor/entrepreneur Al Reid may have some answers, and it’s about to be trialed by Bendigo Council.  07'00

No Trespassing: The Art and Politics of Walking in NSW

When the Wiradjuri warrior called Windradyne walked from Bathurst to Paramatta in 1824 to  surrender to the Governor it was to avoid further bloodshed. Pedestrian artist Molly L Wagner is retracing that 197km walk on foot … and that experience has led to many new insights about art, history and politics. 07'00

Low Tech Movement in a High Tech World

The 2017 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference was attended by academic researchers, urban planners, policy makers, artists and community activists. How did all these perspectives come together, around the theme of Low Tech Movement in a High Tech World? Jeremy Miller was MC and Treasurer of the organizing committee and shared his overview when the conference was over. 07'00
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Step Away from the Car is a series of 10 segments that get listeners thinking about using more 'active' choices when it comes to transport, choices that require us stepping away from the car.  



Ten stories about cities and urban life