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Step Away from the Car 2019

Sharmaine Spencer, 4th December 2019

There are so many reasons for you to Step Away from the Car! 

Step Away from the Car is a series of 10 segments that get listeners thinking about using more 'active' choices when it comes to transport, choices that require us stepping away from the car.  

Bike Parking

The domination of the car, roads and carbon emissions is a worldwide problem. Active Transport, based on walking and cycling, is increasingly seen as a solution. The benefits go way beyond individual health, the simple acts of walking and cycling have the potential to transform the places we live, our economies and how we engage with our environment. 

There are many economic, business, environmental, public and
community health reasons to step away from the car.

The Series features transport planners, traffic engineers, community artists, car designers and public health researchers, arguing the economic, business, environmental, public and community health reasons to step away from the car. These experts were all speakers at the 2019 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference, where the interviews were recorded. Most of them drive cars, and walk, and cycle, and so do the producers Nicky Page and Suzanne Reece, from Radio Adelaide

Alexa McAuley, Nicky Page and Suzanne Reece 2019

Alexa McAuley, Nicky Page and Suzanne Reece


Episode Breakdown
Piece Synopsis Duration
Slow Down Already We’re always told that faster is better, but the evidence suggests otherwise. In this episode we hear the argument that over reliance on cars steals our time, money and health.   10'00
Desirable Urban Density Is increased urban density the best way forward in a changing climate? Yes, and desirable density is the answer according to a leading public health researcher, who’ll present her case in this episode.  10'00
Walkability In this episode we hear from 2 transport planners working for a multinational engineering company, who know that walking is not only good for your health, but it’s good business too. 10'00
Amazing Examples As Australia grapples with how to encourage more walking and cycling there are many other countries that have already come up with some answers. In this episode, we’ll hear what an NT researcher learned when she studied European cities that have wholeheartedly embraced cyclists. 10'00
Bike Economy If you’ve been lucky enough to travel in developing countries you’ll have seen the extraordinary loads that a single bike can carry. In this episode we hear from a man who’s running a successful business on that basis, not only in Adelaide but now in Melbourne too.  10'00
ScRamble How much fun and happiness can a primary school have before, during and after a National Walk to School Day? The ScRamble project in Adelaide pushed the envelope and the schools are still reaping the benefits, as you will hear in this episode. 10'00
Sydney Greenway

Twenty years ago, some Sydney visionaries laid claim to an abandoned freight-rail corridor, with an eye to creating a haven for nature, cyclists and the community in general. In this episode, we hear how 20 years of determination has finally won through for Sydney's Greenway project.


When Nicholas Fogerty exchanged bussing for cycling to work he arrived in half the time. In this episode, hear about his research aiming to uncover causes and cures for Sydney's seemingly hopeless traffic congestion issues. 

Zero Fatality

In this episode, we meet a mechanical engineer with a big goal, and a good one, ZERO fatalities for cyclists and pedestrians. 


Ride a Bike Right

Some children, particularly children with additional needs, may never know the excitement and fun of cycling. In today’s episode, we bring you the story of the former primary school teacher who couldn’t bear that thought, so she set up a company to teach children (and often their parents) how to ride.  10'00


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