Alex Crerar, 10th May 2022

The CBAA is excited to welcome Rashkia Singh to our finance team. Prior to her maternity leave Rashika held a simialr management accountant role at Films/ Dendy, her experience gained there and her extensive expertise in budgeting, reporting and working alongside managers to achieve collective goals makes her an incredible asset to the CBAA finance department and wider team. 

Alex Crerar, 15th March 2022

Jeremy joined the CBAA's Digital Radio Projects in early 2022 bringing with him an array of knowledge and expertise. Despite his newcomer status at the CBAA, Jeremey isnt new to community radio, hosting his own show on Sydney's 2RRR. 

Alex Crerar, 23rd February 2022

Joshua joins the CBAA as Amrap Support officer. As a musician himself, Joshua brings with him excellent production skills, music industry admin, as well as extensive workshop, and creative writing experience.

Alex Crerar, 1st December 2021

Lina is one of the newest members of the CBAA, joining us in a new role to provide support and expertise to ensure that our members and our staff best understand sector data, trends and insights. We welcome Lina to the CBAA and look forward to her working with stations to better understand their audiences!

Alex Crerar, 17th November 2021

Cameron joins the CBAA as Amrap Support Officer. His passion for music, shown through his radio show on 2SER and his keenness to learn how best to support Aussie artists through the CBAA's Amrap, makes him a welcome addition to our team. 

Alex Crerar, 2nd November 2021

Stafford has joined the CBAA as RPH Project Support Officer. Stafford has come back to the CBAA after serving as our first satellite network manager (1993-95). 

Alex Crerar, 20th October 2021

Frieda Lee joined the CBAA's Advocacy and Communications team in September 2021, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in all things policy and advocacy.

Alex Crerar, 6th October 2021

Amy began at the CBAA in August and has since become an integral part of the Advocacy and Communications team. Amy's extensive expertise in media has allowed her to bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of knoweldge to the CBAA and all she does.

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat headshot

Alex Crerar, 8th September 2021

Holly has been working and volunteering in independent and community music and arts media since 2010. Working as the CBAA's Head of Advocacy and Communications, Holly supports the sector's leadership efforts and liaises with Government, as well as ensuring our members have the information they need do be strong and successful. Holly cut her teeth in community radio at Sydney's FBi Radio because of her love for weird electronic music, but has also made appearances around the place at 2SER, Eastside and even at Berlin Community Radio.

Alex Crerar, 8th September 2021

If you've ever been in contact with the Amrap team, chances are you've spoken with Amrap Support Officer Mitch. Mitch is the go-to for all things Amrap providing members and musicians alike with support, whether helping artists upload their music to amrap.org.au as well as members with any and all Amrap equiries. Mitch's extensive knowledge and love for music makes him a valued member of Amrap, and wider CBAA team.