Get To Know Us: Amy Leiper

Alex Crerar, 6th October 2021

Communications Advisor - Amy Leiper 

Amy began at the CBAA in August and has since become an integral part of the Advocacy and Communications team. Amy's extensive expertise in media has allowed her to bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge to the CBAA and all she does. Amy's infectious positivity and willingness to take on anything that comes her way as well as her dedication to her work had made her the perfect addition to the CBAA. 

How did you first get involved in community radio?

I have been working as a Media and Communications Advisor for several years with the last three working for advocacy groups. When the Communications Advisor role at CBAA came up, I decided to apply and got it!

What is something unexpected you’ve learnt about the community radio sector since commencing your role at CBAA?

Everyday I learn something new and am amazed at how much and the variety of work our sector does. The accomplishments of each station given their resources is just astonishing.

You are offered a radio show - you can have any timeslot, play whatever music you like, discuss whatever you feel is of interest - what’s happening today on the Amy Leiper Variety Hour Radio Show?  

I’m a greenie at heart, so discussing new ways to tackle climate change is always interesting to me. It’s the little things that can make the most impact really. Regarding music… Hmmm… it would be an eclectic collection of music, but right now my favourite group is Manalion, a Northern Beaches group, and their lead singer Duan – who during lockdown has been writing new music on his own and calls himself Duanandonly… He’s got an amazing voice. I just talked him into putting his/their music onto Amrap, so you can give him/them a listen! I think his new song twenty twenty is worth the time.


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Frieda Lee joined the CBAA's Advocacy and Communications team in September 2021, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in all things policy and advocacy.


Beginning in October 2020, to assist with marketing and communications for the 2020 CBAA Conference, and since staying on as a permanent member of the CBAA Advocacy and Communications team, Alex has become a key figure in all things communications at CBAA. Working under the Head of Advocacy and Communications, Alex's role as Advocacy and Communications officer covers all things day-to-day marketing as well as tackling anything else that may come her way.


Holly has been working and volunteering in independent and community music and arts media since 2010. Working as the CBAA's Head of Advocacy and Communications, Holly supports the sector's leadership efforts and liaises with Government, as well as ensuring our members have the information they need do be strong and successful. Holly cut her teeth in community radio at Sydney's FBi Radio because of her love for weird electronic music, but has also made appearances around the place at 2SER, Eastside and even at Berlin Community Radio.