Get to know us: Cameron Menegoni

Alex Crerar, 17th November 2021

Amrap Support Officer, Cameron Menegoni 

Cameron joins the CBAA as Amrap Support Officer. His passion for music, shown through his radio show on 2SER and his keenness to learn how best to support Aussie artists through the CBAA's Amrap, makes him a welcome addition to our team. 

What drew you to community radio?

I don’t really know what drew me to community radio, as I kind of fell into it. It wasn’t something I envisioned myself gunning for career-wise. But I guess the sense of like-minded individuals and a whole range of niche underground music cemented my love and driving passion for it.

What have you learnt about our sector since commencing your role as Amrap Support Officer? 

I’ve learnt that I’m incredibly lucky. I’ve met and interacted with a whole range of people from different walks of life, and it’s interesting to see the world through their eyes. I guess I had an incredibly sheltered and safe upbringing. Nonetheless, I really just had no idea how much work goes into keeping community radio stations tied together and the amount of networking that goes on behind the scenes.

You are offered a radio show - you can have any timeslot, play whatever music you like, discuss whatever you feel is of interest - what is happening today on the Cameron Menegoni Variety Hour Radio Show?

Hmm.. That’s a good question, I’m a diehard Nine Inch Nails fan, so maybe a Trent Reznor tribute show? I already do my own show called The Band Next Door on 2SER which caters to a lot of underground alternative Australian acts, but I’d also be happy playing compositions from my favourite movie soundtracks and scores.

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