CRN Segments Round 2


The second round of CRN Segments was first made available to stations in January 2016. Each series is comprised of 10 short pieces of content designed to be well-suited to radio magazine programs and specialist shows. The programs have been produced by some of Australian community radio’s most interesting voices, covering sport, music, comedy, science and more.

This project is made possible thanks to CBF financial assistance.

For broadcasters and station management:

  • There is no charge for the use of CRN Segments content on your station.
  • Stations and broadcasters can download the content from this link.
  • Contact [email protected] with any questions.
  • For Round One content go here.



Off The Record Review (Wednesday 27 January) 
Produced by Brian Wise, Triple R, Melbourne
Brian Wise reviews recent releases, pays tribute to musicians who have passed away and wraps up the year 2015 in music, exploring artists such as legendary New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint, Lucinda Williams’ band Buick 6, Courtney Barnett, Archie Roach, Bob Dylan, Ross Hannaford and more.

-          8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: music, arts

-          PDF icon Off The Record Review Episode Synopsis.pdf


Sue and the Seacow (Thursday 28 January)
Produced by Alex Oliver and Chris Holland, 4ZZZ, Brisbane
A comedy series from Brisbane which producers Seaside Radio describe as a controversial exploration into the inner workings of the fictional (?) community of Seaside with their Folk, Mystery, Comedy, Adventure and Drama thanks to the discreet recordings made by the volunteers at SWEG, 'Seasides Women Electronics Group'.

-          3 minutes per segment

-          Tags: comedy

-          PDF icon Seaside Radio Episode Synopsis.pdf



Human Behaviour (Wednesday 3 February)
Produced by Wolf-Arrow Rain, Edge Radio, Hobart
Observing the evolution of our set of behavioural rules back to the mid 16th century, Human Behaviour is an investigation into social studies and social etiquette, exploring the suggestion that everything we do in the world is some type of performance.  We are influenced by everything in our environment including television and pop culture - and we don't realise exactly how much we are being influenced all the time.

-          3 minutes per segment

-          Tags: science, community

-          PDF icon Human Beahviour Episode Synopsis.pdf


Living In Australia Tomorrow (Wednesday 10 February)
Produced by Mick Eyers, Rhema Central Coast, Rhema
Living in Australia Tomorrow focuses on life and living in future years, right here in Australia. Each episode looks at a very probable future based on current innovations, research and creative thinking from all over the world. The series focuses on technology, design and scientific innovation, and paints a colourful and creative picture of our future world, and more specifically, life in Australia.

-          3 minutes per segment

-          Tags: science

-          PDF icon Living in Australia Tomorrow Episode Synopsis.pdf


Kidding Around (Thursday 11 February)
Produced by Katie Staples, Pulse, Wollongong
Dylan, Elliot and Tim are three ordinary 12 year old school boys, but when their powers combine, they become "Kidding Around" an exciting new selection of 3 minute random comedy segments, great for a kids show or drive show where kids are listening in the back seat, or just about any time you want to add some light-hearted fun to your program.

-          3 minutes per segment

-          Tags: music, arts

-          PDF icon Kidding Around Episode Synopsis.pdf

Her Game (Wednesday 17 February)
Produced by Bethany Atkinson-Quinton, Triple R, MelbourneHer Game is a series of short stories exploring the experiences of people who have traditionally been excluded from playing Australian football. Through the eyes of players, coaches, presidents, reporters and supporters; it explores how some people experience their gender within AFL culture. 

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: sport, politics, community

-          PDF icon Her Game -Synopsis Sheet.pdf

Our Culture (Thursday 18 February)
Produced by Mikyla MacDonald and Percy Kalino, 6EBA, Baldivis
Opening the mind to the way others live both here in Australia, “Our Culture” is an insight into the lives and ways of multiple cultures, explored both from a researched perspective and through the use of personal recollection and experience with the goal to achieve better understanding and education.

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: culture, community

-          PDF icon Our Culture Episode Synopsis.pdf

Great Hustles Of History (Wednesday 24 February)
Produced by Nick Kenny, Northside Radio, Chatswood
An informative and entertaining  look at some of history's most audacious con artists. Such as the New Yorker who ‘sold’ the Brooklyn Bridge, a few times a week, for thirty years and the Englishman who invented an island off the coast of the Bahamas, drew a map, crafted a constitution, crowned himself prince, declared the island to be abundant with lucrative natural resources, and sold pieces of land and guidebooks to the English upper classes, many of whom sailed off in pursuit of this piece of nothing!

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: history, comedy

-          PDF icon Great Hustles Synopsis.pdf

Live & Kicking (Thursday 25 February)
Produced by Chelsea Deeley, Eastside Radio, Sydney
Delving into the live music scene of a particular city or area of Australia, ‘Live & Kicking’ looks to explore Australia’s live music scene from a local perspective, talking to local stalwarts heavily involved in their scene. They will share their own experiences, pivotal venues, people and support networks within their communities, as well as share their own opinions on what improvements need to be made to nurture young and rising talent.

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: music, arts, community

-          PDF icon Live And Kicking Episode Synposis.pdf