Previous CBAA Community Award Winners: Highland FM

Alex Crerar, 7th July 2021

The CBAA Community Radio Awards allow stations and members of the community radio sector the opportunity to highlight the incredible achievements of their stations and those who work tirelessly to put programs on air.

This year, the CBAA highlights previous winners to showcase what it means to be part of the Awards and what winning an Award can mean for your station. 

We asked Adam Stoked, Station Manager of Highland FM, who won the Contribution to Australian Music – Initiative Award, and the coveted Tony Staley Award, a few questions about the station's achievements. 

You were the winner of the Contribution to Australian Music – Initiative Award in 2020, what did receiving this award mean to you and your station?

Winning this award has given Highland FM recognition in the industry. Local artists have performed live to air and their music has been recorded for podcasts and broadcast.

Our work in the community is ongoing and focused on community service and in this case, Australian music and local musicians. Highland FM now has a live recording studio that is a resource for the community.

Since winning the award what new opportunities have opened up for your station? 

Winning the award has provided Highland FM the credibility to foster stronger working relationships with community organisations. These strategic relationships enable Highland FM to assist in the promotion, exposure and support of the local music scene. As an example, MusicNSW, supporting emerging musicians, often requests representatives from Highland FM as guest speakers at their seminars and workshops. 

These relationships have led to musicians participating in radio interviews and live-to-air performances – a first for these emerging artists and a wonderful opportunity for Highland FM to showcase original Australian content.

Another positive spin-off is that Highland FM's presenters and listening audience now has a greater awareness and appreciation of the CBAA's Amrap service and the plethora of content that is available to broadcasters.

What advice would you have for stations thinking of entering the 2021 Awards?

Entering the CBAA Awards provides everyone at Highland FM time to reflect and evaluate what has been achieved over the past 12 months. Whilst awards are never the motivation when the promotions are occurring, to write and submit for an award provides a real sense of achievement in which everyone at Highland FM is involved. The enthusiasm and excitement of the awards is well worth the time taken to enter.

Will you be participating in the 2021 Awards, and if so in which categories?

Highland FM will be entering the 2021 awards in as many categories as we have worthy entries. The idea of the awards generates enthusiasm among the presenters, provokes discussion and encourages everyone to be involved and to do more.


Want to celebrate your station? Enter the 2021 CBAA Awards now! 

Entries open until August 15.

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