Warren Barnett on his 2020 Outstanding Volunteer Contribution Award

Alex Crerar, 8th July 2021

The CBAA Community Radio Awards allow stations and members of the community radio sector the opportunity to highlight the incredible achievements of their stations and those who work tirelessly to put programs on air.

This year, the CBAA highlights previous winners to showcase what it means to be part of the Awards and what winning an Award can mean for your station. 

We asked Highland FM's Warren Barnett, winner of the Outstanding Volunteer Contribution Award a few questions about his involvement in the CBAA Awards and what winning means to him. 

You were the winner of the CBAA's Outstanding Volunteer Contribution Award in 2020, what did receiving this award mean to you and your station? 

It was a momentous surprise, and I still feel very humbled at the graciousness of the CBAA. After 33 years in community radio I never imagined something like that would happen and it was a real incentive to Highland FM as a station that we can achieve even in times of uncertainty.

Since winning the award what new opportunities have opened up for your station?

What has happened since my award and our station award is nothing short of remarkable, funding through grants has enabled us to open a second studio of LIVE performance opportunities for local artists, which in turn has lifted our profile immensely.

What advice would you have for stations thinking of entering the 2021 Awards?

Remember that community radio is a pathway, not a destination and don't be discouraged by thinking "It's all too hard" or "We can't do that". Strive to be the best you can be, take the steps into uncharted waters but most of all "Believe and trust in yourselves as a Station".

Will you be participating in the 2021 awards, and if so in which categories?

Yes, and would like to enter for the Station Production Award.


Want to celebrate your station? Enter the 2021 CBAA Awards now! 

Entries open until August 15.

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