CRN Segments Round 3

cyates, 16th August 2016


The third round of CRN Segments is available for broadcast on Australian community radio. Each series is comprised of 10 short pieces of content designed to be well-suited to radio magazine programs and specialist shows. The programs have been produced by some of Australian community radio’s most interesting voices, covering music, comedy, science, screen culture and more.

For broadcasters:

  • There is no additional charge for the use of CRN Segments content on your show or station.
  • The content was originally distributed to stations through CRN/DDN.
  • Download links are available for stations/producers without DDN access. Contact [email protected].
  • For Round 1 content go here.
  • For Round 2 content go here.


Ingenious Aussies Going Global (Wednesday 17 August) 
Produced by Shirley Hayes-Cornish, 2EAR, Eurobodalla
John and Shirl explore an eclectic mix of Aussies that have made a difference to the world. From wi-fi to Tim Tams to surf lifesaving, they remind us how Australian inventions have spread far and wide.

-          01:30 minutes per segment

-          Tags: history, science, entertainment, general


Think: Sustainability (Thursday 18 August)
Produced by Jake Morcom, 2SER, Sydney
Think Sustainability is about thinking creatively and regeneratively to ensure our planet's fruition. From composting to preserving native species to how your superannuation investments affect the planet, this show looks at practical solutions that we can implement now to create a better future.

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: science, environment, general

Up Over To Down Under (Wednesday 24 August)
Produced by Andrew Farr, Great Lakes FM, Tuncurry
Up Over to Down Under is a selection of intimate letters taken from Noelle White’s book of the same name. It is a tribute to her late husband of nearly 50 years, Peter, and a revealing snapshot of what it was like to live a world away from each other while making their wedding arrangements and plans for a life together on the family sheep property at Murrurundi, NSW.

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: storytelling, history, regional Australia


Back To The Music (Thursday 25 August)
Produced by Jane Arakawa, 2NSB, Sydney
Jane Arakawa explores the reasons and paths men and women have taken to reconnect with the music they put down for many years or even decades. Circumstances in their lives changed, but music remained close their hearts. Woven throughout each episode is their music and the stories they tell about re-discovering their love of creating and expressing themselves through music once again. 

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: music, personal stories, Australia


Born To Die (Wednesday 31 August)
Produced by Made Stuchbery, SYN, Melbourne
One day, we are all going to die. It is an inevitable fact, and undeniable reality of being a human being. But what happens to us after we die? Well, that's up for discussion. Between the different religions, philosophies, cultural beliefs and modern cynicism, there is no clear-cut answer. Over this series, producer Made Stuchbery will attempt to explore the only certainty in our lives; that we, we were born to die. 

-          5 - 8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: spirituality, religion, storytelling, philosophy

Once Were Aliens: Migrant Stories (Thursday 1 September)
Produced by Adam Branson, 3MBS, Melbourne
A collection of stories from Australian migrants who have come from a variety of different places at different times, from Czechoslovakia in the 1950s to Afghanistan in the 2010s. The series gives a platform for migrants to tell their stories and aims to gain better understandings of their experiences and desires.

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: society, culture, history, storytelling

Narratives (Wednesday 7 September)
Produced by Karena Wynn-Moylan, Bay FM, Byron Bay
Hear Australian authors reading passages from their books as part of The Narratives Library. Great for use in your station's local arts and magazine shows. 

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: literature, storytelling, Australia

Food For Thought (Thursday 8 September)
Produced by Yuzuha Oka, SYN, Melbourne
Food entrepreneurs and young people in the food industry changing the Australian food-scape. Food shows often focus on the food itself with restaurant reviews and recipes, but there’s more to it when you talk to the brains behind it. Their entrepreneurial thinking and online strategies are applicable to the success of other business. Some also have an ethical mindset to bring social changes through food business.Segments not only focus on the inspiring aspects of the industry but also shed light on the struggle young people face, such as workplace exploitation.

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: food, culture, Australia

Televised Revolution Top Five (Wednesday 14 September)
Produced by Dan Barrett, Zed Digital, Brisbane
A lighthearted listicle look at some of TV's best and worst moments.

-          3 minutes per segment

-          Tags: arts, entertainment, music, community


I Love My Label (Thursday 15 September)
Produced by Ryan Saar, FBi, Sydney
Ryan Saar discusses his ten favourite Australian record labels and the tracks that have made a big impact on him and the music loving public. Give your listeners an introduction to some of the best independent and underground labels operating in Australia today, with a feature track included in each segment. 

-          5-8 minutes per segment

-          Tags: music, arts, community, Australia


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Access short content for your station or radio program. The first round of CRN Segments 2015 is available here. Are you a community radio broadcaster or producer and want to get involved? Applications for Round One in 2016 will open in February 2016.


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