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enadmin, 16th July 2014

Explore the cosmos with this new weekday 2-minute segment on the night sky.

Perfect as quick drop-ins for stations' breakfast or drive program, these daily informative, fun and educational pieces will inspire listeners to reflect upon the astonishing forces at work in the cosmos. Find out more here.

Initial content 4 - 15 August 2014

Monday 4th - Take a trip to Saturn is the moon hides it from view, only to see it reappear again an hour later...

Tuesday 5th - The Rabbit in the Moon

Wednesday 6th - We visit the 2 crosses in the sky, The Southern Cross and the false cross

Thursday 7th - We explore the space science in the movie Gravity

Friday 8th - The take a trip to the full moon, the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year (Aug 10th), which coincides with the biggest and brightest meteor shower.

Monday 11th - we visit meteors and explore the difference between meteors, comets and meteorites.

Tuesday 12th - We speed along with a space probe and see how fast it is going.

Wednesday 13th - We replace the sun with a black hole and see what happens

Thursday 14th - We visit Acturus, the guiding light to the north, and explore it's importance to indigenous cultures around the world.

Friday 15th - We visit a 40-year experiment started by the first men on the moon - mirrors and lasers.

Produced by resident BayFM astronomers Marie Whealing and Philip Hood, and production manager William Martin. As some information on StarTours is time-relevant, content should be used within two weeks of CRN distribution. Order now - starts Monday 4 August!

StarTours will be available for local rebroadcast through the Community Radio Network distribution service, playing via satellite weekdays at 12:27:55 EST, and available for DDN capture. Contact CRN for further info - 02 9310 2999 or email.

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Yesterday evening, the JOY 94.9 Board announced the appointment of Amy Moon as the station's new General Manager.