CRN Segments Round 4: Outback Adventure (2NVR)

amclellan, 27th February 2017
How do the locals survive in the extreme heat of the outback?
  • Producer: Ceri Wrobel
  • Station: 2NVR, Nambucca Valley
  • Duration: 08:00 minutes per segment
  • Tags: travel, australia, radio portraits
  • Suitable for: drive programs, travel and recreation programs, human interest programs, standalone broadcast
  • Download PDF icon Outback Adventure Episode Synopses

I’d like you to tag along with me on an Outback Adventure, discovering people and places around Australia. You’ll meet some characters and maybe even learn something, because everyone has a story to tell, and you just don’t know, until you ask. Come on, let’s go Bush. 

These and many more Segments are available for broadcast on your local station now. Download all episodes here. 

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