CRN Segments Series 3

CRN Segments Round 4


CRN Segments Round 4 features 100 new short segments available for airplay on Australian community radio.

Twice a year, CRN seeks short series for distribution to stations for subscribing stations to drop in during magazine programming. In this round, hear series from community radio producers based all over Australia and delve into topics such as linguistics, colonial history and crime, botany and plant knowledge, the voices of Outback Australia, poetry, jazz classics, and more.

Throughout Segments Round 4, explore:

Why we can have a big red balloon, but never a red big balloon?
'Plant blindness' and its effect on the environment
The contemporary tradition of Vietnamese haiku
Locals surviving the heat in an underground opal mining town
And what's a Polish groom to do on his wedding day?

You can listen to an episode from each series on the Soundcloud playlist below. Click through on the tiles for more information on each series.

Grab these segments for use in your show or for access at your station

This content is available to broadcasters subscribed to the Community Radio Network, distributing from 1 March 2017. Get in touch with any questions or to sign up.

CBF logoAre you a producer?

CRN Segments is an an opportunity for experienced community radio producers to flex their creative thinking, extend production skills, share their radio content on a national platform, and be paid for their work. Interested in creating a series for CRN Segments? Head here for more information and sign up to the CBAA's eNews for updates. Made possible with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.


Why can we have a big red balloon, but never a red big balloon?

What vodka is a groom to buy for a traditional Polish wedding?

What is 'plant blindness' and why is it a problem?

True crimes in colonial times.

Tag along and meet the locals out bush.

Did you know? Unlikely.

What are the nuts and bolts behind the theatre?

Hear some of Australia's best contemporary poets.

What is 'dia-besity' and how do we combat it?

The stories behind some of Jazz's best known recordings.