CRN Segments Round 4: Old Times, Old Crimes (5ZZZ)

amclellan, 27th February 2017
The crimes of colonial times.
  • Producer: Stephen Wake
  • Station: Southern Vales Community Radio (5ZZZ), McLaren Vale
  • Duration: 06:00 minutes per segment
  • Tags: history, crime, australian colonial history
  • Suitable for: history programs, news and current affairs, standalone broadcast, between programs
  • Download PDF icon Old Times Old Crimes Episode Synopses

Crime is as old as humanity. When Europeans came to Australia, they brought their own brands of crime with them. In Old Times, Old Crimes, explore crimes through the history of Australia. Listen to true stories of murder, mutiny, cannibalism, arson, infanticide, robbery and more. Some of these crimes were committed by convicts, some by the poor and some by the desperate. Some people were tried but never convicted and other crimes were never solved.

A ten part series brought to you by the Willunga branch of the National Trust and Southern Vales Community Radio (5ZZZ).

These and many more Segments are available for broadcast on your local station now. Download all episodes here.

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The CBAA is saddened to hear of the passing of The Hon Tony Staley AO, who died in Melbourne, aged 83. Mr Staley was a former Liberal Party president and former MP for the Victorian seat of Chisholm. In his role as Minister for Post and Telecommunications he had a profound impact on broadcast media in Australia and was instrumental in the development and growth of the community broadcasting sector.


What led Britain's colonisation of the lands now known as Australia?


In 2007 the Hope Vale – Pelican project (now in its 6th year) inaugurated a digital storytelling component into the program. The project is a partnership between Hope Vale Elders (championed by Des and Estelle Bowen) and Pelican Expeditions. In 2007 Pelican Expeditions and the Elders invited Samia Goudie, a researcher and digital storytelling consultant, to pilot a digital storytelling project with Natalie Davey, a founding member of Pelican Expeditions. The Hope Vale – Pelican (HVP) project is mainly run out of Connie’s beach, Cape Flattery in Cape York. The success of this pilot resulted in the design and implementation of a larger digital storytelling media camp being embedded as a co-creative practice in the 2008 Hope Vale – Pelican project. This paper seeks to tell the story of this process and explore some of the early findings of both the benefits and problems of using digital storytelling to promote social and emotional wellbeing and caring for country with an Indigenous community within a trans-disciplinary partnership project.