CBAA Webinars

Danny Chifley, 13th January 2017

*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
Find out about the National Features & Documentary Series application process and selection criteria, get tips on what makes a great story for radio and learn how to pitch your story idea.

Michael Schubert Bay FM 99.9

hfriedlander, 24th November 2016

Each year several new and emerging Australian community radio producers create pieces for the CBAA's National Features & Documentary Series, while receiving training from and mentoring by the Community and Media Training Organisation.

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

A personal exploration of the complex matter of Aboriginal Identity, or Aboriginality, Robert Salt investigates Aboriginal community and culture in this feature.

Clay Pot Melody Choir

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

Is the face of refugee migration in Australia changing? Coel Healy puts a spotlight on the isolated town of Kataning in WA, where many refugees are opting out of city life to find a new home in regional Australia.

Food For Thought

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

Genetically Modified Organisms: the future of agricultural production or frakenfood? In this feature, Sarah Martin investigates why it is that GMOs push our buttons.

Broadcaster Making Airwaves

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

We’ll be going behind the scenes to hear about a Sydney-based radio program, Making Airwaves, which is created by people living with an intellectual disability. Find out all about it in this feature, produced by Caroline Savransky and Kate Wadey.

BiohackerOz Collage

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

Should science be democratised? And if so, who do we trust with emergent technologies? In this feature, you’ll meet a group of biohackers in Melbourne who are working to make biotechnology available to all citizens on the street.

The Permission To Speak team developing their work

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

How do we talk about our relationships with our parents, with our kids? And can we turn these experiences into art? This feature puts a much-needed spotlight on the impossibly complex topic of parent-child relationships.

An Anechoic Chamber, The Quietest Room In The World

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

In this feature, Michael Schubert dives deep into the world of silence. As he found out, silence is more than an absence of sound. It all depends on who you are and what you are doing. The search for silence became a quest...

Hello Yes No Goodbye Poster

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

Have you ever had an experience with the supernatural, or do you believe in ghosts? In this feature, Nancy Lin takes us on a trip down memory lane, sharing her experiences of trying to summon the dead as a teenager.