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Michael Schubert from Bay FM 99.9 takes home National Feature and Documentary Series Award

hfriedlander, 24th November 2016

Each year several new and emerging Australian community radio producers create pieces for the CBAA's National Features & Documentary Series, while receiving training from and mentoring by the Community and Media Training Organisation

In 2016, Michael Schubert created the documentary, In Search of Silence; a piece that explores what silence means. He spoke to hearing and communication researchers, composers, musicians, sound recording engineers and naturalists and acoustic ecologists but was still left asking - does silence exist?

Do you want to hear all about silence? Perhaps silence is simply the absence of sound. Not noise. But is that it? I'm on a quest in search of silence, to explore the views of those who work with sound, and those who deal with silence. The quest will take me to the quietest rooms and the noisiest streets, in search of silence.

At the 2016 CBAA Conference, Michael won the National Features and Documentary Series award for his work.

Visit the In Search of Silence blog to get more information.

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