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All About Abilities (Eastside FM, Sydney)

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

By Caroline Savransky and Kate Wadey

Sometimes it’s easy to underestimate the power of an idea. Especially if the idea doesn’t instantly stir a positive reaction and can be hard to keep afloat at times. All About Abilities looks at our idea. An idea that has had highs, lows and everything in between.

For nearly two years now, Kate and I have been working on the idea of Making Airwaves: a program that is defined by its inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

Our documentary, All About Abilities, looks at Making Airwaves and explores what exactly it’s like to run a program and produce a broadcast made entirely by adults with varying abilities.

Every week we come into work and never know what to expect or how successful the day ahead will be. No matter what we have planned for the program on any given day, what the participants are experiencing a feeling on the day can see our plans go out the window. Temperaments, clashing personalities or a slight change in circumstances can unravel all our plans, this means we need to be able to let go of our ideas sometimes and go with the flow.

We also experience a lot of joy through this program. Every time we see a participant come out of their shell or find their voice, it brings us immense joy. Every time someone in the community or a media source is inspired by our program, it starts to feel like our little idea may actually be creating a positive change.

Do you think Making Airwaves has a bright future ahead of it? Could you stand behind such an idea?

All About Abilities aims to educate and inspire. We believe there’s room for every sector of society to have their voices heard!

You can find out more about the Making Airwaves program at the Windgap Foundation’s website

This piece was made for the CBAA's National Features & Documentary Series 2016, a showcase of work by new and emerging Australian community radio producers, with training and mentoring provided by the Community and Media Training Organisation. The opinions expressed in National Features & Documentary Series content are those of the individual producers or their interviewees, and not necessarily shared by the CBAA or CMTO.

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